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What should we learn from the Australians is their joie de vivre! They are welcoming, open, not distressed by problems Australians know exactly what they should rejoice in this world. The Australians are very sociable: emotional conversations, talks - of- nothing – that is the point you can always count on the people of this country.

The Australians are very helpful and one of their main features - it's mutual assistance. Sometimes the Australians assistance is very heartwarming: if you see someone on an airplane who helps others to put their luggage and not sit in place until the care of all around - you should know for sure- he is an Australian. This impact on the people living in the country imposed gold mining somehow. History of Australia is associated with gold very closely. Australia mined a great number of the yellow metal in the past due to huge efforts, solidarity and mutual assistance. This national peculiarity is considered to start right then. This habit to help all people and love to gold are the main features since those times.

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