Natural Supplements For Premature Ejaculation

Go online. Search for natural supplements for premature ejaculation. You will come across preparations using a variety of herbs. For instance, Hawaiian baby rose is said to be useful for premature ejaculation. Some supplements contain anacyclus pyrethrum. Then there are people who will advocate white onions, pistachio, almonds, dried dates, carrots, lady finger and ginger among other natural herbs. The plain facts:

Premature ejaculation is not a medical condition. It is a journey on your path to mature adulthood. In youth, this is a common occurrence due to high susceptibility to sexual excitement resulting in premature triggering of the autonomous nervous system that signals for ejaculation before you are ready for it. There may be underlying medical conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, prostate issues and so on. But PE is not a disease curable by medicines or herbs.

Since the autonomous nervous system and spine are significant in the triggering of ejaculation you need to strengthen these areas if you want to gain control over climaxes. There is no direct method. There are no medicines.

Lawax Capsules and vital M-40 are the most recommended remedies for prematural ejaculation. These two capsules mix of herbs based tried and tested thousands of year old ayurvedic formula to increase vigor and health.  Herbs in these two capsules are Siddha Makardhvaj, Shilajit, Akarkara, Vidarikand, Musli, Gokhru, Gokhru, Kavach, Akarkara, safed behmen, Ashwagandha and Shatavri.

Why these herbs?

These herbs, individually and in combination: 

1. Strengthen cardiovascular system

2. Improve organ health

3. Calm your mind, relieve stress and work as nerve tonic

4. Improve organ function, especially sex organs

5. Remove toxins and improve systemic health, working as antioxidants and rejuvenators

Formulations that contain say white onion or any other herbs do not achieve all these results whereas Lawax and vital m-40 do. They do not claim to cure premature ejaculation directly but by improving body and mind health, enable greater control over the autonomous nervous system with consequent prolongation of the sex act, thereby overcoming the problem of premature ejaculation. Some may question the use of aphrodisiacs such as kavach, gokhru, ashwagandha and akarkara, but these are vital, according to ayurveda vajikaran theory. Improved libido and sex drive along with improved nervous system help you prolong coitus and, in the process, you gain enhanced pleasure as well as give it to your partner. 

This is not to discount the efficacy of supplements incorporating white onion, carrots and ginger or any other herbs and the effect they have but certainly, the way these supplements are formulated, they do not achieve the same wide-ranging effects that the combination used in Lawax and Vital M-40 capsule achieves. These two have the specific combination of herbs chosen after careful research to confer maximum benefit and help you manage premature ejaculation with success. This is done simply through improving total health - that of body and mind. Sustained and vigorous activity is possible without nerves taking over and forcing an ejaculation. Take these for two months and notice the difference in this area as well as increase in physical and mental energy levels. In a world of half-breeds, Lawax and Vital M-40 are pure thoroughbreds, formulated to power you ahead. 

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