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USA, 13th March, 2014: “Logic will take you from A to B; imagination will take you everywhere”, said Albert Einstein. Nothing could be closer to the bull’s eye. Today, we are heading towards an age where we are growing in our acceptance of off- hand career choices.

Aiming at becoming a personal fitness trainer is no longer sneered at. One just needs a focus in life, not to mention the fact that it is the certified trainers that re more sought after than those who are not certified.

NESTA offers two wonderful certification courses, the Triathlon Coach Certification and the Mixed Martial Arts Coach certification.  Wexford University, the higher education of NESTA, offers the Certified Personal Trainer program that emphasizes on Sports Performance.

There is no confusion required when deciding to choose between the two. NESTA is approved by NCCA, National commission of certifying agencies. Wexford is BPPE accredited (Bureau of private and postsecondary education). NESTA focuses primarily on fitness, while Wexford has a focus that is widened to Sports Performance.

While NESTA certifications are more towards acclimatizing trainers to a gym or a club environment, Wexford focuses on entrepreneurship too. Both exams are online, however NESTA requires a proctored exam while Wexford doesn’t.

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About NESTA and Wexford:

NESTA is an international fitness organization and currently has as many as over 55,000 members across the globe; over a tenth of them being from Canada, Singapore, Japan, China and Australia. NESTA trainers and coaches are received with respect all over. While NESTA does offer its own certification programs, higher education programs like a doctorate or associate degrees in fitness, sports and nutrition are provided by its upper education division, Wexford University.

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