Purity Water Updates Sale on Water Purifier Accessories

Purity Water, a leading provider of modern water purifier systems, updates their selection of accessories on sale. Customers wanting to buy accessories for their water purifying systems can check with the company for discounted offers and deals.

[Perth, July 8, 2014] – Purity Water, one of the most trusted providers of floor standing and benchtop water purifiers, updates their selection of purifier accessories on sale. Customers looking to buy accessories for their water purifying system can check the company’s updated inventory for discounted offers and great deals.

Water Purifier and Filtration Systems

Purity Water offers a range of quality, effective water purifier and filtration systems for residential and commercial needs. Their products include floor standing purifiers, and countertop and bench top units – all of which are suitable for different needs and settings. Their systems are perfect for any home or commercial establishment, as these come equipped with numerous features that use innovative filtration technology to purify simple tap water.

The company’s units do not require any kind of plumbing system. All customers need to do is fill up the system with tap water and plug it in. It’s that simple! Their systems come with a revolutionary 4-stage filtration system that removes any unwanted elements and particles in the water, including chlorine, organic and inorganic impurities, as well as heavy metals. All water purifier units sold by Purity Water are child-friendly and come with a safety lock feature.

Water Purifier and Filtration Accessories

As part of their commitment to providing complete water filtration solutions, Purity Water also offerswater purifying accessories and related products, all offered at very competitive prices.

               Disposable Cups

The company’s disposable cups are currently available in two deals. Deal 1: customers are entitled to 50 free disposable cups for every purchase of any cup dispenser. Deal 2: customers can buy cups in packs of 50, 100, or 200 at low prices.

                Diverter Valve Tap Connector

The diverter valve is compatible withthe company’s counter top water purifiers, both white and stainless steel units.

                Cup Dispenser

A convenient, stylish, and sleek cup holder that is compatible with Purity Water’s floor standing and bench top water purifiers.

All products come with a 7-day money back guarantee. Payments can be made through VISA, MasterCard, Bank Deposit, or PayPal. Delivery is fast Australia-wide and comes free for orders valued over $200. Interested customers are encouraged to take advantage of these offers as these are available for a limited time only.


About Purity Water

Purity Water is a trusted Australian company providing quality water purification and filtration systems for residential and commercial uses. This 100% Australian-owned company has teamed up with some of the world’s most trusted water purifier manufacturers to create a simple, safe, and convenient way of purifying and dispensing drinking water.

Interested customers can get in touch with the company via their website,, for more detailed descriptions of the products offered.