Tree Surgeon Rotherfield

Forest ecosystems are one of the most vital components of the lifecycle on our planet. Unfortunately, their natural environment is constantly decreasing and urban areas are not as favorable for their healthy growth as forests. The purpose of a tree surgeon Rotherfield is to make their living less challenging. Even though trees don’t require so many things to grow, stepping in and helping them from time to time can extend their lifespan. However, these tasks can be challenging for someone without experience. Hiring forestry services Rotherfield is recommended in order to avoid accidents and other unpleasant situations.

Whether they grow in a natural environment or in urban areas, trees are the most beneficial living organisms from our planet. Not only that they produce oxygen and they help eradicating pollution from the air, but they also provide shadow in times of heat, shelter when it’s raining and they reduce storm run-off. They also cut down noise pollution and they stabilize the soil. Besides the fact that the trees are essential during their life, their death is also beneficial for our planet, as they return many essential elements to the soil and therefore they are enriching it.

In order to preserve a balance in our biosphere, a new science and art has been born. Forestry involves much more than conserving forests and urban trees. It is a process of caring and valuing nature and creating systems that have a positive environmental impact. The job of a tree surgeon Rotherfield or arboriculturist is to safeguard the health and value of the green environment.

Forestry services Rotherfield are meant to provide proper tree care at any stage of growth of a tree. From seed until they reach maturity, trees require to be properly maintained. Of course, just like any other plant, they need to have access to nutrients, light and water. But besides these essential elements, there are other maintenance tricks that allow the tree to get on the correct foot. Mulching, pruning and fertilizing are just a few of the things that can enhance and extend the life of a tree.

Of course, stepping in when the tree is old is also important. During this stage the tree is weak and it threats falling by itself. This turns it into a potential danger, so much the more if it is located in an urban area. Forestry services Rotherfield are specialized in dealing with these situations as well. If you don’t have the proper equipment and knowledge you risk hurting yourself or the others by not turning to a professional service.

Dolwin & Gray has been providing forestry services Rotherfield since 1969 when Mr. John Dolwin and Mr. Don Gray started the tree care company in the south east area of England. Now, it is managed by another experienced team and each professional specialized as a tree surgeon Rotherfield can handle any kind of tree care task, no matter if they have to deal with trees in gardens or in forests.