Although parents are opting for home cooked food, the UK baby food market is still expected to grow

The baby food and market analysis in the UK has revealed that although this industry was protected against the recent economic turndown, limited household budgets have compelled as many as four in ten parents to resort to home-cooked food for their babies.

This report: Baby Food United Kingdom provides detailed market analysis, information and insights into the baby food sector in the United Kingdom. The report highlights the key market trends and analyzes the current market conditions, citing the key market drivers and the prospects of this market.

Key trends

In the last ten years the baby food market has evolved drastically giving parents more choices than ever before. Sales of baby food, drink and milk have shot up in value by 51% to reach USD 1040 million in 2012. Product promotion still remains the most sought after strategy to attract consumers and back up sales. Within the market, the wet and dry baby food market have touched USD 192 million while the baby snacks market statistics have soared since 2007 to reach USD 53 million. On the other hand the baby drinks market witnessed restricted growth. While some parents are opting for diverse flavors in their babies’ diets others are opting for more organic food.

Market Outlook

The UK baby food market registered a surmountable revenue of USD 352.7 million in 2012 alone with a CAGR of 1.8% between 2008 and 2012 to touch a total of 45.2 million kg in 2012. The overall performance of the market has been constant since and the market is expected to grow at the same rate for the next five years.

Market challenges

Though sales figures are increasing on one hand, parents are increasingly looking to replace these food items with home food. The next five years will see a hike in the sales figures by 15% to touch USD 703 million due to an increase in the price of the products, though the same is also expected to cause a drop in sales volumes. Simultaneously the sales volumes are also expected to slowly decrease as birth rates are expected to decline and the trend of scratch cooking is expected to catch on.

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