Why domestic bearing steel market weakness

Market demand:Why domestic bearing steel market weakness?
1, domestic, big bearing factory is a major consumer of bearing steel, general directly in the steel procurement, procurement price close to the market price; Downstream small bearing factory and some scattered small dosage of user, generally from dealers or bearing factory high big purchase, market demand is small.
2, at present, the export business of our country through various channels to carry out the small small-sized SKF 6004 Bearing Parameter of the more than 500 enterprises competition is fierce, interacting each other for the possession of the market. Cost is high, the product profit is little, lack of competitiveness in domestic and international market, so every year there are a lot of small bearing factory to be eliminated, weaken the consumption of bearing steel.
1, a high content of bearing steel production technologies, the investment is relatively large; Bearing production at the same time rely on raw material prices began to rise, especially in the fourth quarter of 2003 to the beginning of the year rising faster, higher, led to the high price of bearing steel. Bearing steel consumption energy, merchants can't profits, so some dealers in hot steel sales, such as buildings.Why domestic bearing steel market weakness?
2, as a result of the bearing steel circulation speed is slow, dealers capital turnover period is longer, cause most dealers are not willing to a large number of regular bearing steel, the market inventory.
3, bearing steel, dealer sales channel is not clear, there is no long-term stable customer base. (of course this also and some dealers for the user service concept is not strong, delivery is not allowed when the frequent factors etc.)
Steel mills:
With the rapid development of economy, the acceleration of industrialization and urbanization accelerating, and the national demand for cars, motorcycles, electrical appliances, lead to the development of bearing enterprises, so as to increase the consumption of bearing steel. Steel mills even in not improved production techniques and equipment conditions, can also get considerable profits.Why domestic bearing steel market weakness? Affect the steel mills of the expansion of production scale and technology innovation system, the improvement of production quality. Small business is hard to do big, big business and stronger hard. Has attracted the attention of the section steel mill (this) so domestic bearing steel quality generally have larger gaps when compared with the international advanced quality of bearing steel, high bearing steel domestic capacity is insufficient.
The downstream consumer side:
1, the market there is no spot, dealers often occur when delivery is not allowed.Why domestic bearing steel market weakness?
2, some dealers for the service concept is not strong.
3, think that the overall quality of the domestic bearing steel. Bearing steel, good quality of bearing steel factory purchase price is high, the price is right of bearing steel, manufactured products and because of quality problem can't export, had to be on sale.Why domestic bearing steel market weakness?