Human and Civil Rights Activists Resume World Vision Protests Thurs. June 2 For DISCRIMINATION Against AFRICAN-AMERICAN WOMAN, MUSLIMS, LGBT COMMUNITY

June 2, 2016 - Washington, DC - Human and Civil Rights Activist Keith Silver, announces plans to resume protests against the international charity organization World Vision for alleged discrimination against a former African-American female employee, and Muslims and LGBT individuals who are fully banned from employment at World Vision.  

Protests against World Vision—the nation’s largest children’s nonprofit--originally began in April during Emancipation Week, and will reconvene during the month of June, in respect of the many groups affected by World Vision’s discriminatory practices, and correlating observances celebrated during the month which honor these groups: Juneteenth, Ramadan, and LGBT Pride.
In a recent complaint filed, an African-American female employee was required by World Vision management to leave sticky notes affixed to her computer to gain permission to use restroom facilities, and was expelled from a staff meeting by management with the advice that she was not smart enough to understand. The employee was later terminated after filing a discrimination charge with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). African-Americans generally are grossly underrepresented in the evangelical charity of more than 40,000 employees; though annually World Vision receives a quarter-billion dollars in tax-payer funded grants from the federal government.
In 2014, World Vision reversed a decision to end its longstanding policy against employing LGBT individuals. Muslims also have long been excluded from employment at World Vision.
Silver previously stated: "Such actions by a humanitarian organization, purposed to be focused on children and justice is deplorable.  World Vision prides itself on serving the poor and feeding the hungry, but it effectively turned an African-American mother of two to welfare for asserting her right to report unethical and otherwise illegal acts of discrimination."
In a unified stand against discrimination, all are welcome to join the protest on Thursday, June 2, 2016, from 12:00pm to 2:00pm at World Vision, 300 Eye St. NE. World Vision is two blocks behind "GIANT" Grocery Store, at the foot of the Union Station Bridge.

During the rally, Keith Silver will announce plans for future protests against World Vision, and will encourage ALL impacted groups, as well as current and former employees who have been afflicted by discrimination at World Vision to step forward for on-going mobilization throughout the Fall and Winter.

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