Research Report - Magnesium & Magnesium Alloy Market in China, 2014 - 2018

As Chinas magnesium industry develops rapidly, some European countries, Japan, Canada, and some other countries and regions have gradually withdrawn from the field of primary magnesium production. Now countries that produce primary magnesium in the world are only China, America, Russia, Israel, Kazakhstan, Norway, and Brazil. In 2013, the primary magnesium output in the whole world reached 930,000 tons.

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In 2013, China produced 769,700 tons primary magnesium, increasing by 10.22% compared that of last year. And various kinds of magnesium products have been exported with total 411,100 tons, increasing by 10.78% compared that of last year. And the domestic consumption was 351,500 tons, increasing by 13.39% compared that of last year.

From the perspective of consumption, the demands of downstream relevant magnesium metallurgy and processing fields grew in various rates in 2013. And the consumption accounted for 45.64% of the total supply in 2013, increasing by 2.91 percent points compared that of last year. While the export volume accounted for 53.38% of the total supply, increasing by 0.55 percent points compared that of last year. Due to the abolishment of all the tariffs on export relevant magnesium products, the export volume obtained a greater growth compared that of last year.  

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In 2013, the price of magnesium in the whole China was dropping with oscillation. The domestic average spot price for magnesium was CNY 16074.17/ton in 2013 (calculated according to daily average price). The lowest price in the year was CNY 14950/ton, and the highest price was seen in March, which was CNY 17100/ton, as well as in August, which was CNY 16700/ton. By the end of the year, the price was CNY 15250/ton.

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