The Ultimate Father’s Day Video Roundup from Smarter Toddler Preschool Financial District

Celebrate Father’s Day with Smarter Toddler Preschool’s Youtube Picks!

NEW YORK CITY, JUNE 17, 2016 — In honor of Father’s Day this Sunday, June 19th, Smarter Toddler FiDi teachers and staff shared their favorite Youtube videos featuring the funniest father and baby moments caught on camera. Staff picks include dad jokes, a how to video, a funny ad from GLAD, some of the cutest babies ever welcoming dad home, and a compilation of fathers winning at parenting.

After you’ve watched the videos, vote for your favorite video in our poll. Check them out below:

1. Dad Jokes

Andrea Persampieri: “I love this video of dad testing out his new comedy routine with his adorable daughter Bea! Dad jokes are the worst, but Bea can’t hold in her laughter even before hearing the punchline.”

2. How to Put Baby to Sleep

Reanne Agbayani: “New Zealand dad Jordan Watson creates weekly DIY parenting advice videos with a sense of humor. This ‘How to Put Baby to Sleep’ video is both helpful and hilarious.”

3. GLAD Press ‘n Seal Ad - Dad Left Alone With Baby!

Reanne Agbayani: “This is a commercial with a fun look at real-life moments dads experience that I could see my own husband doing.”

4. Cutest Daddy Coming Home Compilation

Sesima Kamara: “This is one of those videos that just make you go Awww… Such fun uplifting clips of babies laughing and welcoming dad home.”

5. Dads Winning at Parenting

Lisa Alvarez: “Father’s Day is about celebrating the contributions of fathers and father figures in their children's lives. This video shows dads being amazing.”

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