Pressure Containment - How It Works

South East Asia has become one of the strongest growth areas for RotaBolt measurement technology. The most recent success story in the region has been in Taiwan where leak-free operations have been achieved in a major petrochemical
processing plant.

The plant is now using measurement technology on a variety of applications following a dramatic success story on one of its combined feed exchangers at an aroma production plant at the site.

The exchanger had leaked during hydro testing, on start up and then again during production. It was fitted out with 56 RotaBolt fasteners and the leaks stopped.

This was described simply as a “miracle” by the operators who promptly initiated plans to use the technology on a variety of reactors and heat exchangers throughout the plant.

Since then thousands of RotaBolt fasteners have been fitted to heat exchangers, pressure vessels, pipelines, reactors and steam generators on various plants across the site.

The company has now decided to feature the science of RotaBolt measurement technology in its training regimes and has been successful in securing support for the training from the Taiwanese government.

News of the success has also quickly spread to 60 other plants operating in the area.

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