Changing Mobile Trends

Today's era is of changing technologies. In current times anyone can get any kind of information with the help of smart phones. The history of cell phones do not date too back, it was in early 80's that cordless phones were invented. Not travelling too far in future, these phones have got complete transformation in terms of hardware and software.

Talking about earliest phones, they were bulky with less functionality. The size was almost of the fixed line phones and was uneasy to carry around. That "0-G" Generation phones only supported calls, and no texting or internet surfing because there was no introduction of the term internet in those times. Due to continuous evolution of technology, Mobile phones, now have got a structure that is sleek, stylish and handy. Back then, the hardware of phones did not support any advanced features and had extremely limited memory.

Motorola was the first company in the world to demonstrate mobile phones, which were not commercial and used only for testing purposes. Then, by the efforts of various companies around the world, we were able to see the growth of mobile communications. From zero generation, we are currently into the fourth generation of mobile technology.

Internet or World wide web, was a completely detached technology that started nearly around same time. Desktops were the only source that were capable of using internet. The modems used for accessing internet were also expensive and heavy weighted. Globalization has put a huge impact on the way we use things such as internet and mobile phones. The modems turned into sleek data sticks which can be carried anywhere.

Along with hardware changes, the software for mobile phones also got a complete overhaul. The capacity to support various applications also increased at an alarming rate. The cell phones got slimmer, better and started supporting variety of applications with a touch. The touch phones replaced keypads and now the arriving generation of phones are using features like hand gestures, Facial Recognition, Finger print reader to make the things work.

Similarly, the tariff in the beginning of mobile phones were very expensive and not affordable to common people. With the changing times and introduction of various carrier networks in the competition, the packages that include calling, texting plus internet surfing and downloading have reduced dramatically. Currently almost every other person uses a mobile phone, out of which almost 80% have smart phones. The capability to use internet on mobile telephones have enabled facilities like video calling, internet calling etc. Mobile Service operators have reduced the prices of these services to a great extent, which benefits the customers at the maximum level.

To sum it all, mobile phones have been upgraded to an incredible extent in last three decades, in all fields like softwares, hardwares, and ease of access.

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