Why is a 40th Birthday so significant?

Forty can be a bit of a trauma for some people, in a way that their 30th birthday wasn’t. Because of this, it tends to be a birthday that many people celebrate in style, as if to drown out the worries about ageing and really having to accept that they are now a grown up. It can be a genuine celebration of the dawning of a new and exciting phase of life, for others. They throw themselves into it with real enthusiasm and hope, planning all the things they really want to do in the next decade. For most, whilst there may be tinges of regret, it is a great birthday to celebrate.

Forty has many connotations culturally, and for women it is harder than for men. But, increasingly women are refusing to feel miserable about ageing and instead embrace each new decade, with gusto. It is more significant a birthday for women than men in some ways. With motherhood under-way, for many, and perhaps the end of childcare in sight, many women feel their old sense of self returning, remembering the person they were before they became a home-maker and mother.  Many plan to dig out their old hiking boots, or riding hats, or high heels, and decide to rediscover that lost side of themselves all over again. When women hit forty they often feel a sense of liberation. Women are more likely to have 40th birthday parties than men, and it has become a bit of an empowerment moment in women’s lives. So make the absolute best of a partner or girlfriend’s fortieth birthday. She’s likely to want to welcome it in, and want to feel like a Fabulous Forty.

Men’s can feel ambivalent about hitting forty too. Have they achieved their goals? Have they got a family, and made the best of their opportunities? Many men will reflect in this way, as 40 is definitely seen as ‘middle-aged’. It’s a time to look back on the achievements of your adult life, and look forward to the years to come. You can marvel at the immaturity of your youth, and realise the lessons you have learned from those times. You can look at your thirties, as possibly the most productive and personally fulfilling. With all this life experience to draw on, forty can bring a sense of calm and confidence in your own judgement. You are young enough still to take on adventures, travels, and new enterprises. You have the maturity to be taken seriously at work. Aside from the odd twinge in your back or knees, health is not a huge concern, on the whole. But still, there is the sense that this is the time to seize the day, more than ever. You want to make the most of this decade of your life.

So, whether you are helping to celebrate the 40th birthday or either a male or female friend or family member, approach the event with a real sense of optimism and positivity. Yes, it is certainly one of those birthdays that you mark with a really nice present and a brilliant card.  Put the date on your calendar now, and get planning.

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