Pickles Offers Exclusive Novated Lease Remarketing

Pickles Auctions, a leading vehicle auction group in Australia, offers exclusive novated lease remarketing. Those who cannotprofessionally market their vehicles or pay the agreement’s residual value on time can benefit from this exclusive service.

[SYDNEY, 6/25/2014] –Pickles Auctions, one of Australia’s largest vehicle auction groups, offers an exclusive novated lease remarketing service to clients who cannot afford to pay out the residual value at the end of an agreement. With this exclusive service, drivers of novated lease vehicles can pay the residual value on the due date, even if the vehicle has not yet been sold on their behalf.

Alternative to the Traditional Process

For novated car owners to market their vehicles professionally, they need to invest a significant amount of prep work, knowledge, skills, and the ability for financing and service contracts. With this complicated sales process, Pickles offers novated lease remarketing, which is an alternative to the traditional trade-in or private sales process. Unlike before, novated drivers can now pre-determine a vehicle estimate and a reserve, before the company pays out the residual balloon to the financier on the driver’s behalf. Through this exclusive process, drivers also get to keep driving their vehicle until two days before the lease ends.

The services especially benefit those who do not know the best way to attract buyers, as well as those previously quoted trade-in values lower than they expected. Pickles’ remarketers help the drivers sell their vehicles from one of their facilities, maximise the sale price on the vehicle, and avoid low trade-in values.

Vehicles Sold on Consignment

Pickles sells the cars on consignment, which means the owner gets a higher sales price than expected. The company puts roadworthy vehicles for sale at an inflated fixed price using multiple websites, giving greater visibility to the vehicle and broader access to buyers.Pickles also sells the vehicles in the weekly Fleet, Government and Prestige vehicle sales.

More than 50% of the vehicles they sold achieved their high estimate, with less than 6% achieving less than the low estimate.

About Pickles Auctions

Pickles Auctions is one of the biggest names in Australia’s vehicle auction industry. Established in 1964, this Sydney-based company has become the country’s largest auction group, with a vast majority of salary packagers and fleet managers engaging in their services, including their exclusive novated lease remarketing. They have sold over 200,000 motor vehicles, trucks, machinery and earth moving equipment in the last financial year. Some of their major clients are the Australian Government, state governments, local councils, fleet and lease companies, insurance companies, financial institutions, banks, and non-profit organisations.

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