Hire Lf of America for the Most Reliable Bellow Bottle Services

United States, 05th July 2014 - Calling all Over-the-Counter product manufacturers! If you have been looking for a reliable bellow bottle packaging solution, your search is about to end right here. The most reliable name in the world of health and beauty product packaging is here with a variety of bellow bottle options for you to choose from, making sure that your products reach customers in the best condition possible. Visit to find out.

Whether it is single dose packaging or multi dose containers that you need for packaging your manufactured products, LF of America is the name that will provide you all the solutions you need. The company is known for its exceptional service quality, huge range of customizable packaging options to choose from and overall reliability in terms of experience and customer satisfaction.

“Unique bellow bottles in PE material in two sizes and customizable with two different cannula caps–short or long.  The sizes are either 3 ml or 9 ml and allow a unique application for either cosmetics or pharmaceutical uses.  The caps are tamper-evident and may be customizable with a four-color silkscreen.  Also, the color options are endless, as in most LF of America containers. Many cosmetic applications are a great fit for these containers – serums, creams, and even powders. Various applicators, from long and short cannulas to cream applicators to powder applicators, that are interchanged with the two different sized containers, along with choosing virtually any container and cap color, make the bellows extremely customizable. LF of America has specialized equipment to fill these unique containers.” explains the owner of the company LF of America and the website

Hiring the company’s bellow bottle services is easy. Just visit their website and fill in their inquiry form with your requirements to get a detailed quote. Alternatively, you can call at their phone numbers and speak with their customer service representatives directly. Your one-time product packaging solution is just one step away.

For more information about the company or to hire any of their multi dose or single dose packaging services, please visit the website

About The Company

LF of America Corp. is an exceptional company that fills, packages and distributes unique unit dose and multi dose plastic containers for the Health & Beauty industry. A variety of industry standard options to choose from, innovative approach, ease of customisation and maximum personalisation are the hallmarks of all the solutions they offer, whether it be dosed based packaging or bellow bottle services.

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LF of America Corp.

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Phone: +1 (561) 988-0303