Mil-Pac Assists DoD Suppliers in Printing Shipping Labels with Mil-Comply MSL

Mil-Pac, a company that develops solutions for defense contract packaging and shipping, helps DoD suppliers in printing the correct labels for packages. This solution makes it easier for contractors to comply with the strict standards of the DoD.

[Ramona, 6/23/2014] – Mil-Pac, a software company focused on helping defense contractors, provides a way for Department of Defense (DoD) suppliers to print error-free shipping labels with Mil-Comply MSL. Through this, suppliers now have a way to be more efficient in completing packages without a lot of tedious data entry work.


Feature-packed solution

Mil-Comply MSL is the ideal solution for contractors that need military shipping labels (MSL) printed quickly. This software allows suppliers to prepare these MSLs in a simple, fast, and free manner.

Mil-Comply MSL has many different features that make it useful. The software simplifies data entry through on-screen wizards and drop-down lists. On top of this, the user can access an address database and input information from there to reduce keystrokes. The software also allows data sharing between multiple users. The feature of having saved data allows pre-filling addresses and mark-for fields.

This program also checks the label for any error whatsoever to ensure full compliance with the latest military specifications, as elaborated on Mil-Std 129P Change Notice 4.


Good compatibility

Mil-Pac understands that software has to be compatible with different platforms to be more efficient and user-friendly. As a result, the Mil-Comply MSL is compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit variants of Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8.

The software is not resource-heavy in terms of hardware. As long as the computer has the minimum hardware requirements for a Microsoft operating system, Mil-Comply MSL can run on it. The same principle applies to printers, as almost all standard Windows printers can handle tasks from Mil-Comply MSL – be it laser or roll printers. 


About Mil-Pac

Mil-Pac has helped many contractors comply with the different standards of the Department of Defense when it comes to packaging, shipping, and labeling. Through quality software solutions, Mil-Pac assists contractors in being more efficient at what they do. Be it for prime contractors or small subcontractors, Milpac has the powerful and flexible solution for it.

With over 30 years of presence in the industry, the company is the premier source of all programs that abide by the standards of the DoD. To know more about the company and its solutions, interested customers may visit