Stress. It's the leading element at the foundation of almost every known and studied psychological and physiological disease and illness.  The modern lifestyle is a huge contributing factor to stress.  Literally, one could break the word into two – DIS and EASE.  When the modern lifestyle brings DISease into one's life, a total cleanse is the cure.  There are fitness cleanses to clean the body's physiology and biological systems, but now one fitness resort aims to go a step further and offer a mind cleanse for a total physiological and psychological cleansing experience like no other in the top fitness capitol of SouthEast Asia – Phuket, Thailand.


Phuket Fitness offers the Mind and Body Cleanse for those seeking to take a vacation from stress and re-align their bodies with natural healing and biology.  The Mind Body Cleanse ( offers a combination of cleansing drinks, cleansing herbs, dietary supplements, yoga and fitness classes, young coconut juices, vegetable broth and even a patented Liver flush.


They have also included a daily herbal sauna, a daily traditional oil massage, a daily probiotic, meditation classes, yoga breath work and access to an air-conditioned gym.  While in their care, the focus is solely on one's body and mind and with it being in a resort, there is no outward stress to creep in to one's thoughts as the daily stress of job and modern life are miles away.


Phuket Fitness is located in the southernmost tip of the island, in an unique area blessed with white sandy beaches and tropical landscapes making it easy to explore and relax the body naturally cleanses itself breathing the fresh sea air or soaking up the warm tropical sun.  It's an experience that is sure to leave one refreshed and more in touch with oneself and feeling more energized and ready to take on the world.  Learn and form new habits to conquer stress at an affordable price.