15 Year Old Starts His Own Beat Producer Jump Start

Edmonds, WA – 17-06-2014 - Nemo Mettler is a 15 year old from Swizerland. He has already mastered the violin, the drums and the piano. Now he is looking to start his own production company in the hopes to be able to preform in front of a live audience.

Nemo has already produced several cover songs by some popular artists, from Macklemore's Thrift Shop to Eminem's The Monster, which have already begun developing some popularity on Youtube. These were covers of both the music and his own takes on the videos. In order to further improve his musical career he will need certain types of equipment.

According to the young musician/rapper, there are three essential tools that are needed to start a successful production business, a Macintosh notebook and a media controller called an Ableton Push along with the Ableton Live 9 Suite software. These three pieces of equipment work together to allow artists to create their own music from scratch.

Of all the necessary equipment, the Ableton Push is the most interesting and expensive. Not very well known outside of Europe, the Ableton Push is a media controller which helps artists and producers more easily create music. The device has the capabilities to not only produce various types of music but also allow a single person to create an entire song without the help of others. With this tool, you can control the melody, harmony, beats, sounds, and song structure all in one place.

Unlike other digital media controllers, the Ableton Push is pressure sensitive which allows the artist to play with velocity and pressure. Basically, the harder you push on the key and the way you move your finger effects the sound. You can prerecord various instruments and control them all at the same time. Because of the unique abilities that it gives producers and musicians, the Ableton Push has become a very useful tool for solo artists.

This impressive media controller can only work with a computer, usually a Macintosh, and specialized software, the Ableton Live 9 Suite, along with specially configured sound equipment.

Nemo has also started a crownfunding campaign in order to raise the approximate €3,000 that it will take to purchase the necessary equipment. As with many crowdfunding projects, he is offering perks to contributors. These perks range from credits on one of his videos to a Skype call and personal song composed just for them. These perks will cost anywhere between €10 and €500 on the higher end. The campaign was started on June 9th 2014 and will end in late July.

About Nemo Mettler
Nemo Mettler is an up and coming rapper, pianist, violinist and drummer from Bienne, Switzerland who has been interested and passionate about music from a very young age. He recently started the Indiegogo campaign in order to build funds to start his beat producing project. You can learn more about him on his Facebook page, Youtube page or Indiegogo campaign page.


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