Upslope Brewing Company Teams with Superior Ecotech to Reduce CO2 Emissions

Boulder, Colo. (March 26, 2014)Upslope Brewing Company has paired with Boulder-based Superior Ecotech to build the brewing industry’s first CO2 powered algae greenhouse. The proprietary system, designed specifically for use at craft breweries, allows algae to soak up waste CO2 and convert it to Omega-3 oils in a cost-effective, sustainable manner.

By providing the award-winning startup the perfect location for its pilot-scale algae grower, Upslope not only reaffirms their commitment to the environment, but also shows their support for Boulder’s entrepreneurial spirit.

“Whenever we have the opportunity to do something that’s environmentally responsible, we look at it very seriously,” said Upslope founder Matt Cutter. “The Superior Ecotech team presented a fascinating technology that grabbed our attention from the very beginning. This symbiotic relationship has the potential to help breweries, and other industries, reduce their carbon footprint for years to come. We are excited to have been chosen as the host site for these student entrepreneurs to prove their concept.”

Superior Ecotech, founded by a group of University of Colorado and Iowa State students, will launch its $10,000 crowd-funded Kickstarter campaign at Upslope’s Flatiron Park tap room Thursday, April 3 at 6pm. The event is free to the public with donations for the project encouraged. In addition to The Wheel & Whisk Roadside Café food truck, guests can enjoy free appetizers, door and donation prizes and live music by Paul Cataldo.

Stay tuned for additional Upslope-sponsored events and happenings on Facebook and Twitter.

About Upslope Brewing Company

Boulder-based Upslope Brewing Company is the creator of premium, filtered ale that is artfully crafted to compliment the outdoor lifestyle. Upslope beer is made with natural ingredients, including snowmelt. The five flagship beers include: Pale Ale, Craft Lager, India Pale Ale, Brown Ale and Imperial IPA. Additional installments are offered in a Limited Release Series. Upslope’s beer is packaged in aluminum cans because it is exceptionally portable, preserves the taste of the beer by keeping light out, and it uses fewer resources to pack and ship. In an ongoing effort to protect Colorado watershed, and the key ingredient in Upslope ale, one percent of Upslope’s Craft Lager revenue benefits the Colorado Trout Unlimited. Learn more about Upslope at

About Superior Ecotech

Founded in Boulder, Colo. in 2013, Superior Ecotech uses a unique combination of proprietary technologies to convert CO2 emissions into pure algae oils that can be used in a wide range of consumer products that include cosmetics and vegan omega-3 supplements. Its long-term goal is to create a significant source of renewable energy through cost-effective algae production. For more information visit

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