Roland Frasier Featured as Speaker At Business Seminar

Roland Frasier, a top sales executive who has sold everything from real estate to securities, was featured as a principal speaker at the Offer & Funnel Design Intensive Full-Day Workshop with Ryan Deiss in San Francisco on March 19, 2014.

Since he was 18 years old, Frasier has been involved in sales. At this young age he began selling real estate and later moved into real estate syndication and business investments. While in college and law school, he performed leveraged buyouts with Prudential Securities.

After growing one of the top law firms in San Diego and offering help to entrepreneurs, Mr. Frasier, on the web at , evolved to buying and selling companies and engaging in direct response marketing.

Because of his tremendous success in business, he was asked to form half of an all-star speaker lineup at a recent Offer & Funnel Design Intensive Full-Day Workshop held in San Francisco and seen at

Along with Frasier, who can be seen on the web at , Ryan Deiss of Digital Marketer was slated to give information to up-and-coming business owners who wanted to put into practice the marketing techniques that have made these men successful.

Mr. Frasier addressed the ways to reduce customer acquisition costs and increase immediate and long-term value of a business. According to Mr. Frasier, most business have some type of lead-generation funnel but few have fully optimize these processes to reduce costs and encourage new customers to become buyers.

Roland Frasier discussed ways to put the "5 Things" methodology, a proven framework for increasing lead capture rate and multiplying conversions, into effect. Along with Ryan Deiss, Roland Frasier was able to offer attendees tips to help them make the most of their sales opportunities by applying his proven tactics. For more information, see

About Mr. Frasier:

An attorney who specializes in negotiation, copywriting, marketing strategies, mergers, acquisitions and exit strategies, Roland Frasier is one of the principals of Idea Incubator and Digital Marketer.

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