China Contract Research Organization (CRO) Industry Report, 2013-2016

China Contract Research Organization (CRO) Industry Report, 2013-2016 is a new market research publication announced by Reportstack. China CRO industry has developed rapidly in recent years, registering a CAGR of 27.2% during 2007-2013, of which the market size reached RMB 36 billion in 2013, occupying 10% of global market share.

As China is full of talents, has advantage of relatively low costs and is rich in disease spectrum, the world’s renowned CRO companies, including Quintiles, Covance, Parexel and Charles River, have entered the Chinese market through sole proprietorship, corporation or acquisition, driving the industry towards standardization to some extent.

At present, there are about 500 companies involved in CRO market in China, but only a few of them are operating at scale and in good shape. WuXi AppTec, ShangPharma Corp, Asymchem and Hangzhou Tigermed Consulting Co., Ltd. Are the leading local CRO companies in China, together holding around 15% of China CRO market.

WuXi AppTec is the largest local CRO player in China, making up about 10% of China CRO market; Hangzhou Tigermed Consulting Co., Ltd. is the only local CRO company listed in China, whose revenue has increased at a rate of above 30% annually over the last three years; Asymchem Inc. takes medical CMO as primary business, with its revenue arriving at RMB 542.8 million in 2013, and has embarked on IPO.

In order to share resources and improve overall competitiveness, some Chinese CRO companies are realizing mutual development by creating alliances, such as Alliance of Biotechnology Outsourcing (or ABO, including 38 companies such as Sino Biological Inc. and Pharmaron). In 2013, the revenue of ABO topped RMB 2 billion, up 11% from a year ago, of which RMB 1 billion came from international services.

China Contract Research Organization (CRO) Industry Report 2013-2016 highlights the following:
-Status quo, market size, competitive landscape, market characteristics and trend of China CRO industry;
-International environment, industry environment and policy environment of China CRO industry;
-Operation, development in China and outlook of 5 global and 9 Chinese CRO companies.

Companies Mentioned

Covance, Parexel, PPD, Quintiles, Charles River, Wuxi AppTec, Hangzhou Tigermed Consulting Co., Ltd, ShangPharma Corp, Venturepharm Laboratories Limited, Asymchem, Shanghai Mediclon Inc., Sundia MediTech Company Ltd., Guangzhou Yushi Medicinal Technology Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Boji Medical Biotechnological Co., Ltd.

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