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Music is the relief we all need. There is hardly anyone in the world who wouldn't tap their feet on good music. The loneliest travels or the most boring offices can come alive with good music. In the endeavor to liven up these times, one thing that is time consuming is to select songs individually to play. It breaks the flow and more often than not kills the mood. Imagine a party where songs are playing through a phone and suddenly the saddest song on the planet plays on shuffle. Well not anymore. There is a new tool that is very handy in such situations. Dance50 - The ultimate dance songs playlist with one click play and download.

Dance50 gets you the latest collection of the top 50 dance songs worldwide everyday that you can play or download with one simple click. It aggregates the top songs in the genre everyday and displays them for download. You can play the video for each song individually as well. Basically it creates a playlist of the best songs for you so that you don't have to go look for song individually. One click and you're all set for more than 3 hours.

Let's see what one of the company representatives had to say about their product, "The idea behind the website is for people to enjoy uninterrupted music for a long time. We have had times when we wanted to listen to good music and one guy was designated to just search for the best songs and play them. Now it becomes easier for us to stay up to date with the best music."

He continued, “There are new songs coming every day. How do you stay on top? Where do you get all the news songs at one place? Dance50. That is its utility. While other song sites give you the option for searching songs to download. We give you a genre. We tell you what the best songs in the genre are. Simple and easy."

"If this works we may end up giving options for the top Dance music in different countries. And maybe even explore new genres. All we know right now that this tool has a lot of utility and a lot of music fans should love it.", he said when asked about the future of dance50.

As explained by the representative, dance50 has a lot of utility for people who love dance music and want uninterupted streaming. With EDM having a huge following, it wouldn't be a surprise if this tool catches on and a lot of people start using it in a small amount of time.

About Dance50

Dance50 is for all the fans of dance, club, trance and house music. We bring to you the top 50 songs worldwide in the genre every day. With the play all and one click download all option, all you need to do is log in everyday and enjoy uninterrupted EDM. BEST DANCE MUSIC, NO BULLSHIT, PLAY ALL, DOWNLOAD ALL.

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