Alex Stein needs your support in fund raising at Reality Rally

Reality Rally is a 3 day fund raising event in Temecula California. Reality Rally has taken the leap into crown funding, looking for new avenues to engage people interested in helping Michelle’s Place for Breast Cancer Resource Center.

Reality Rally is an event planning & hosting business. Its purpose is to bring TV Reality Stars help local community to raise funds and awareness for a charity through competitive participation in fun and games similar to those on TV reality shows.

Reality Rally “Fun for Funds” weekend is for the public to meet Reality Stars and have fun with friends and family and raise funds for Michelle’s Place, breast cancer resource center. It is to promote Temecula and our Sponsors through our local, regional and global visibility.

Reality Rally is a four hour "Stunning Race" style game, where groups dash all around Old Town Temecula. The competition involves crazy activities and fun challenges, all for bragging rights. Most importantly, the event raises thousands of dollars and community awareness for Michelle’s Place.

One hundred and 120 television stars from 39 TV Shows will come to Reality Rally. This has become such a well-known event among Reality TV stars.

Comedy King & LSU’s funniest man, Alex Stein is participating in Reality Rally and plans to get maximum contribution for this noble cause. Alex is a jumbo shrimp. His sweet southern charm and smooth delivery are reminiscent of a rib eye steak, medium rare. This unique combination of style and personality has been a well received breath of fresh air to the Los Angeles comedy scene. Originally from Dallas, TX, Alex moved to Los Angeles after winning a campus wide comedy competition at LSU.

Alex needs your help in fund raising challenge; one can donate by visiting To know more about Reality Rally visit