Karuna’s New Skin Transformation Kit Offers Beauty and Convenience

LOS ANGELES – June 19, 2014—Karuna’s new Skin Transformation Kit takes the mess out of masking, making young, glowing skin accessible and convenient for everyone. The kit features six serum-infused cloth masks and one pair of under-eye masks.

Karuna, an innovative collection of skin-care solutions that blend the best-available ingredients with natural fiber sheet masks, has found that nine out of 10 women don’t use masks as often as they should, because they consider the traditional clay and mud mask process messy and time-consuming. Karuna solved the problem by developing a complete collection of serum-infused sheet masks, designed to address the most common skin concerns.

The mask + serum duo deep conditions skin by pushing the serum where it’s needed most. Each sheet mask is made from a natural cloth of biodegradable wood-pulp fiber, which retains 50 percent more moisture than synthetic cloths. Karuna sheet masks contain a custom-blended beauty boost featuring plant extracts, peptides and antioxidants that hydrate, calm and offer anti-aging benefits to all skin types.

By creating a Skin Transformation Kit, Karuna presents a full range of sheet masks to deliver targeted results. Stored in a small individual-use packet, Karuna sheet masks are hygienic and portable, giving women the opportunity to create their own spa experience, any time or anywhere they choose.

“The Skin Transformation Kit offers solutions for the most common skin-care concerns among women,” said Linda Wang, founder of Karuna. “It gives consumers the ultimate Karuna experience.”  

The Skin Transformation Kit features these no-rinse, one-step sheet masks:

     - Anti-Oxidant+ Face Mask: Fortifies skin and deflect environmental toxins.

     - Age-Defying+ Face Mask: Smoothes fine lines and signs of aging.

     - Brightening+ Face Mask: Evens out skin tones and dark spots.

     - Clarifying+ Face Mask: Soothes skin and minimizes breakouts before they start.

     - Hydrating+ Face Mask: Conditions and improves hydration by 40 percent.

     - Exfoliating+ Face Mask: Deep cleans pores and removes dead skin cells.

     - Renewal+ Eye Mask: Refreshes tired, puffy eyes, instantly.

Karuna’s sheet masks let consumers apply-throw-glow their way to healthy, vibrant skin. Unlike traditional mud, clay or gel masks, Karuna face masks require no setup, long application times or cleanup. The sheet masks are specially cut to provide a custom fit by adjusting the mask over the curves of the face. Simply apply the mask and relax for 15-20 minutes before removing it. Excess
serum can be massaged into the face, neck, décolleté or hands.

Karuna’s Skin Transformation Kit is available at select Sephora stores in the U.S. and Hong Kong for a suggested retail price of $38.00 USD. It’s valued at $57.00 USD. To learn more, visit the Karuna website at or the Sephora website at

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About Karuna
Since 2009, Los Angeles-based Karuna has been combining science and nature to solve the most common skin concerns in a fresh new way. Designed to address each individual’s skin struggles in a no-mess, DIY manner, Karuna’s products hydrate, clarify, exfoliate, brighten and more, depending on each customer’s personal needs. Karuna’s specialized ingredients are custom blended to deliver specific results, instantly. Specialty stores and resorts such as Sephora, Bliss Spa,,, Capella, Wynn Resorts, the Four Seasons and others carry Karuna products. For more information, visit