Yehuda Retains Number One Position Among Wholesale Diamond Merchants

United States 6th March 2014 - Yehuda Diamond Company, the well-known business dealing withwholesale loose diamonds and clarity enhanced stones has retained top slots among its customers. Buyers tend to make selections from them with increased propensity and this has helped to increase their popularity through the years. The company uses its proprietary technology to retain the weight and quality of diamonds even in the post-cutting scenario. Resultantly, buyers get a chance to select bigger stones from them while their competitors feel forced to cut off large chunks unnecessarily to retain the clarity.

Customers can choose a wide range of stones from Yehuda at wholesale diamond prices and this increases their satisfaction levels and inspires them to bring repeat business. State of the art clarity enhancement techniques make it possible for the company to offer larger sized diamonds to the customers without compromising on the obvious quality. The same non-clarity stones from other companies will be smaller while being expensive.

The company has made it possible for prospective buyers to go through their inventory with easy online searches based on the clarity, grade, cut, and color of the stones. Even advanced searches are available for ensuring the best picks and this user-friendly arrangement adds to the popularity and brings more business their way. Those looking for qualityprincess cut diamond can go through their available selections and go for quality pieces at affordable prices.

In order to ensure best quality and reliable certification, Yehuda chooses only those stones that the company feels will be able to undergo their patented technology. Their main aim is to ensure best results for their customers and resultantly only one among almost 500 diamonds make it through their selection process.

Those who want to know more about wholesale diamonds from Yehuda may visit their appreciable website and find out.

About The Company

Yehuda Diamond Company is the inventor and leader of clarity enhanced diamonds. They serve hundred of retailers across America with their mounted and loose diamonds as well as custom made diamond jewelry that is considered to be a class apart in the industry. With offices on three continents, the Yehuda Diamond Company controls 80% of its niche market and is growing at an incredible rate of 40 to 50% each year.

Contact Information

Yehuda Diamond Company

Address: 5th Avenue

between 47th & 48th Street NY USA.

Phone: 1800-934-8320