Fashion Industry Technology Driving Consumer Demands for Future

Technology is transforming the manufacturing process and nowhere is this more evident than in the apparel industry. The industry has seen ecommerce retailing blossom through the building of visually appealing online stores, the integration of online payment gateways and most imperative, the offering of more efficient delivery logistics. At the forefront of these and other new technology changes is The Gulati Group ( ), which offers full transparency throughout the entire supply chain process including full-service communication beginning with consumer demand, then moving the order further through the sourcing, manufacturing, and shipping processes.

Being at the forefront of the industry and what is trending, The Gulati Group is preparing the present for the future. With major retailers such as Target and Macy’s adding visual search to their apps and websites, consumers will be able to search using color, shape, size and proportions to find similar items rather than just keywords. This will raise consumer demand, which forces the sourcing and manufacturing process to keep up.

Another trend driving better manufacturing processes and less returns from the market is the rise in use of 3D technology. Using machines such as 3d body scanners in virtual fitting rooms, clothes will fit better and can even allow consumers to create avatars of themselves supplemented by software tool sets which would allow them to comparison shop for sizes and colors from the comfort of their living rooms and create less by way of returns to the retail chain.

Two other trends to watch for are digital styling assistants who can help advise customers on what to buy while they shop the app or website and wearable technology (Apple watch or Cricket Bracelets). At all levels of technology for the past decade, the Gulati Group has been providing high quality, accessible clothing design and apparel sourcing solutions for retailers and brands.

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