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Coal is the major fuel in industry and people’s daily life in China. Most coal used in industrial boilers is unwashed raw coal with high content of ash and sulphur, and large granularity, which leads to low combustion efficiency and high emission volume of pollutants. According to statistics, 45%65% of air pollution in cities is generated by the raw coal. Therefore, the most rapid and effective method to solve air pollution is to replace coal with gas.

In early 1980s, to improve residents’ life and alleviate environment pollution, many commercial gas projects were launched by local governments to raise the popularity of gas in cities, which remarkably promoted the production and development of gas fired boilers. However, the technology upgrading and market promotion of gas fired boilers stagnated after 1990s because of the high cost of gas and the sluggish construction of gas pipe network. Additionally, most industrial boilers used coal instead of gas as the fuel.

Gas fired boilers develop rapidly as the gas pipe network is improved and the mining and marketing of domestic gas accelerate in the 21st century. Recently, as environment pollution deteriorates, Chinese government manages to restrain the use of coal fired boilers while enterprises are subsidized by local governments to finish the transformation from coal to gas. Market shares of coal fired boilers are rapidly occupied by gas fired boilers in China.

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The transformation from a single coalfired machine into a gasfired one without government subsidies is not economical. However, it is operational to integrate several coalfired machines into a set of gasfired machinery with centralized power and heat supply.

It is expected that the denitration projects in key areas will be established in China by the end of 2014. With industrial emission as the next focus, Chinese government issues a series of measures to control the emission of industrial pollutants, including Major Projects in the Twelfth FiveYear (20112015) Plan for Air Pollution Prevention in Key Areas, Recommendations on Accelerating the Development of Energysaving and EnvironmentFriendly Industries, and Emission Standards for Air Pollutants of Boilers (Draft). Meanwhile, local governments adopt active measures to control industrial emission, including the popular projects like “transformation from coal to natural gas” and “transformation from coal to electricity”.

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Major customers of commercial gasfired boilers are highend hotels, major government agencies, hospitals, largescale retailers, office buildings and highend residential areas. The market exhibits huge potential for growth as the business expands into industrial fields and ordinary residential areas in China.

Huge market potential for gas fired boilers exists in cities on the WestEast Gas Pipeline and the imported natural gas pipeline, and coastal cities capable of importing liquid gas.

As an ecofriendly product, gas fired boiler will gain remarkable development due to the supportive policies of Chinese government. It is anticipated that gas fired boilers will become the mainstream products in Chinese boiler market in the coming years.

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Through this report, the readers can acquire the following information:

  • Supply and Demand Status of Industrial Boilers in China
  • Government Policies of Boiler Industry in China
  • Reasons of the Transformation from Coal to Gas Fired Boilers
  • Competition Status of Boiler Market in China
  • Major Manufacturers of Boilers in China
  • Prospect of China Boiler Industry

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