Suffolk County REMSCO Using OPI Translate With On-demand Live Interpretation To Eliminate Language Barriers At Emergencies

1888 PressRelease - When Seconds Count: OPI Translate will be delivering fast live language interpretation in over 200 languages to aid Suffolk County Emergency Medical Service personnel communicate in crisis situations.

(Bloomsburg, PA) County on the east end of Long Island is the 5th largest county in New York State and ranks 24th in the Nation. With an ethnically diverse population of over 1.5 million people, meeting the language communication needs of the residents can be a daunting task under the best of circumstances. In an emergency situation, the task can seem insurmountable. 

Suffolk County has been actively engaged in an effort to increase inclusivity for its residents. County Executive Steve Bellone, while delivering his 2014 State of the County Address, said "When I came into office, I was determined to make Suffolk County more inclusive for all our residents. I am proud of the progress we have made to improve relations with ethnically diverse communities, ensure language access for all Suffolk County residents and prioritize community led policing". 

"With over 8,000 employees and 100 divisions, this contract represents one of RantNetwork's most ambitious uses of its OTP Translate's live interpretive services" says Kenneth Volet, CEO of RantNetwork. "We look forward to having a positive impact on the emergency medical outcomes for Suffolk's LEP population". 

In one example of advancing that vision for Suffolk County, REMSCO (Regional Emergency Medical Services Council) will be utilizing the mobile app OPI Translate as a handy tool in their bag of emergency instruments. REMSCO Suffolk is responsible for providing direct administrative and training services to the various emergency service agencies within Suffolk County, including Law enforcement/ Medevac operations, Fire department services, Ambulance services, Volunteer rescue association, Emergency nurses, Emergency physicians/ Hospitals/RTAC and Disaster Services. 

Across America, the influx of diverse non-English speaking population, present challenges to first responders as they quickly try to communicate with individuals during emergency and non-emergency situations. Numerous studies show that this breakdown in communication can slow call center and on-scene response time, increase the chance of errors, and make prevention and emergency management efforts more difficult. Without question, the ability to communicate with persons needing emergency assistance is vital to maximize positive outcomes. OPI Translate is a critically valuable tool to solve an increasingly common problem in communities where residents are speaking a language the officers/responders do not understand. 

When seconds count, OPI Translate is the worlds only integrated full function translation/interpretation application providing unlimited free text, photo and speech translation in over 60 languages AND optional one-button "Live" Over-the-Phone Interpretation (OPI) services in over 200 languages 24/7/ 365 days a year. OPI Translate offers immediate access to over 7,000 live interpreters who are bilingual/ bicultural professionals, certified in domain specific subjects such as medical, legal, government and financial. 

About RantNetwork

RantNetwork is a Pennsylvania-based software development company specializing in translation and interpretation technology delivered by mobile phone. In early 2012, RantNetwork's first product, "Communilator" was released. With a combined user base of over one half million users, next generation OPI Translate offers advanced-technology features including on-demand live interpretation combined with machine language translation tools. Contact RantNetwork for more information on corporate solutions, billing/accounting integration, customization, and volume discounts.