Military Veteran and Wife Follow Their Dreams Creating Hilarious New Rom-Com Feature Film ‘CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF SUNSHINE’


LOS ANGELES (April 4, 2016) – Following their award-winning filmmaking dreams together, military veteran Kevin Resnick and his wife Rebecca Norris will premiere their quirky and heartfelt new romantic-comedy feature film, CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF SUNSHINE, at the Manhattan Film Festival on April 16th.

CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF SUNSHINE follows Ben (Resnick), a stressed-out single father raising his precocious 7-year old daughter, who peppers him with female-related questions he has no clue how to answer.  He also deals with his cantankerous live-in father who, to Ben’s chagrin, brings home an array of floozies half his age to dine with the family. Ben has his life turned upside down when Sunshine (Sarah Navratil), a new-age yogi, mysteriously shows up in his kitchen.  She breathes new life into Ben’s world, encouraging him to pursue his long-forgotten dream of writing novels. Suddenly, Ben finds his newfound happiness in jeopardy when he is forced to confront his past in a way he never imagined.

Resnick is excited to debut the 94-minute film he directed and co-wrote/co-produced along with Norris, adding “We love comedy and we love romance. And the dearth of each in film today saddens us. Art is a reflection of the world around us. From The Great Recession to the terrorist attacks and violence that populate our headlines on an almost daily basis, it’s no wonder that the landscape of both film and TV is dominated by dark and often apocalyptic stories.   We long for the romantic comedies we loved growing up, which brought us to a powerful decision: to write the movies that we want to see. Stories that reflect the heartfelt and sweet comedy we all experience in our relationships with family and friends, and in the search for love. This film is an outward expression of our primal need to laugh and to love.”

The film marks the first feature-length project for this creative duo, who previously gained attention for their short film, On Becoming A Man, screening at the Cannes Film Festival and winning Best Comedy Short at the IFS Film Festival and Best Short Film at the Athens Jewish Film Festival. Their first indie short, Toasted, won the Audience Choice Award at the Canadian Film Centre Festival in Toronto and was a finalist in the Dances With Films Festival’s 2-Minute, 2-Step Screenplay Competition, where it was produced with sponsorship from Canon and Adobe. 

Before becoming an award-winning writer/director/actor, Resnick served as an officer in the U.S. Air Force and flew airplanes as a       C-130 Navigator, logging over 2000 hours of flight time on missions ranging from combat sorties in Bosnia to escorting the Nuclear Inspection Team into North Korea. Most treasured are the 5 years he spent stationed in Japan. 

Transitioning back into civilian life, Resnick embarked upon a MFA in Filmmaking, made possible through the G.I. Bill.  “Cloudy” is his graduate thesis project. In addition to the award-winning films created under his Brand New Day Entertainment banner, Resnick has also starred in several acclaimed independent films and earned Best Actor nominations on the national festival circuit. 

Norris is an award-winning writer/producer/director and owner of the production company Freebird Entertainment. Her recent web series Split won two Outstanding Achievement Awards at LA WebFest, was nominated for an Indie Series Award, and was chosen as one of WebVee Guide’s Favorite Web Series of 2015. Her work has found distribution on television, DVD, online platforms, and aired on PBS. Norris is also a columnist for Script Magazine and has taught screenwriting at Screenwriters University and the Writers Store.

Premiering at the Manhattan Film Festival
Date/Time: Saturday, April 16, 2016 – 1:00pm
Location: Cinema Village Theatre - 22 E. 12th Street, New York, NY

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Trailer: Cloudy With A Chance of Sunshine from Kevin Resnick on Vimeo.