Male Organ Pocket Pool – Quick Tips for Playing Solo Snooker

Every man has probably played male organ pocket pool at some point or another, even if he was unaware that he was doing so. Although it may result in a sore male organ, pocket pool – rubbing the male organ and/or sack while one's hand is in one's pants pocket – can be a lot of fun. Practicing good male organ care while indulging in this activity can help minimize the risk of developing sore male organ issue.

The phrase

"Pocket pool" as a phrase comes from the term "pocket billiards," a legitimate billiards game. As "pool" is another term for "billiards," and as the alliteration of "pocket pool" is catchy, the latter has become the term used for this stimulating male sport.

Because billiards is concerned with balls and because the sack is commonly referred to by that name, the connection between the billiards game and the male organ game is natural.

The ground rules

The basics of pocket pool are very simple. A man sticks his hand in his pocket and massages his male organ and/or balls. This can be a simple matter of stroking them for a few seconds and withdrawing the hand or of keeping the hand squeezing and stroking for a much longer period of time. In some cases, the man may manipulate his organ until he comes. At other times, he may not have this result as a goal; rather, he may be more interested in simply providing his male organ with pleasurable stimulation or in helping his male organ get hard, perhaps to create an impressive, exhibitionistic bulge in the front of his pants.

Is it self-stimulation?

Opinion varies as to whether playing pocket pool should be considered self-stimulation. Obviously, in those instances in which the stimulation results in emission, the answer is definitely yes. Although many men object to this, it seems clear that even non-emission pocket pool is still self-stimulation: as long as the intent when fondling the organ is to create a pleasurable stimulation, it is self-pleasure.

Pocket pool in practice

Although the whole point of pocket pool is that the male organ is covered and not visible, individuals who play pocket pool in too obvious a manner in a public setting can still run the risk of breaking legal restrictions. At the very least, doing so in a blatant manner in an inappropriate setting can result in some social ostracization. (A group of friends indulging in pocket pool by mutual consent in a member's living room is a different story.) Discretion is strongly advised when in public.

Many men find pocket pool desirable because of the special feeling of a hand enclosed in pocket fabric fondling a male organ enclosed in brief or boxer fabric; it provides a different sensation from a bare hand on a bare male organ.

Other men, however, prefer a more direct form of sensation. They will "go commando" and wear pants with no underwear. This provides the different tactile sensation of denim, wool or other fabrics against the male organ as it is rubbed by the pocket-enclosed hand. Others also prefer to cut the bottom out of the pocket, so that the bare hand has direct access to the bare male organ, as in traditional self-play.

Playing pocket pool to the point of emission can be messy, but that is the attraction for many men. They enjoy the sensation of walking around with fluid in their trousers; some further enjoy coming in a way that produces visible evidence on the trousers.

For those who enjoy the release but not the mess or evidence, there are options. Some men stuff their drawers with tissues or other soft pads. Others wear a rubber or a sock to catch the fluid.

Male organ pocket pool is a favorite pastime of many; the emphasis on sometimes-rough fabric does cause many a sore male organ, however. Employing a high quality male organ vitamin formula (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) can alleviate the soreness, especially if the formula is a cream that includes shea butter, a natural emollient. The best formulas also will contain vitamin B5, which is invaluable in maintaining the proper health of essential male cells.

Visit for additional information on most common male organ health issues, tips on improving male organ sensitivity, and what to do to maintain a healthy male organ. John Dugan is a professional writer who specializes in men's health issues and is an ongoing contributing writer to numerous online web sites.