How to Rock the New Pastels This Season

One of the biggest trends we’ve been seeing over the past year, and especially for this Spring and Summer, is pastels! This can be a bit annoying for those of us who love our black, brown, and navy blues. But dusty pastel colours are fresh and fun, and right now they are the palette of choice for a truly sophisticated look. Not frilly or childish, the new pastels can give you a whole new confidence. But how?  Spartoo has some fashion tips to help you master this trend!

Here are a few tips to help you style pastels:

Do: Start with a neutral main piece, like a coat or a top, and build around that. The best trick is to wear an item that we usually see in a darker colour, such as a biker jacket, combat boots, smart shoes, or jeans.

Don’t: Avoid wearing bright or heavy makeup. Your makeup should be natural-looking or at least toned down. Think light and fresh!

Do: Mix pastels but keep the same hue. Avoid colours that are too heavy (like black) or flashy (neon) that will make you appear unbalanced. Several neutral pastels can be thrown together, from bags to shoes to jeans to crop tops! You can mix dusty pink, light yellow, periwinkle blue, lavender, mint green, and beige or peach.

Don’t: Avoid the bridesmaid’s nightmare of chiffon and flyaway fabrics that give your pastel a dated, cumbersome look. Go for more substantial, structured and noble fabrics to keep it modern and sophisticated.

Do: Accessorize with jewelry and statement pieces!

Sophisticated and chic are the key words for the dusty pastel trend this season: keep it classy and you’ll be on the road to high fashion this summer!