Non-IIT students get the chance to take part in global technology competitions

It was not an easy task for the students studying in the second rung engineering colleges so far with referent to the coping up with the poor and low level of the infrastructure along with the short scope for actual showcasing of their active skills. With introduction of the global technology competitions, there is high scope of providing involvement of these non-IIT students in the various rounds of competitions which can actually help in allowing them to overcome the issue. The competitions are hosted by various giants in technology like Microsoft which is one of them; the students are equally targeted by the global competitions. This latest incident has helped in opening many doors to the students from various colleges who actually have had the opportunity of exploiting these platforms to complete level.

Some quick names such as Srinidhi P, from NIE Mysore is the case in point while Prahlad who is actually into 3rd year of engineering of the institute has developed the Streamify which is a tool for online development for the users that can help in hosting of the webinars, business calls, conferences, in 2 days at heckathon. Reinventio, a Mysore based company of Prahlad has successfully launched the Streamify during the GIDS (Great Indian Developer Summit) at the IISc, Bangalore. It was used to showcase at the campus of the IBM in the month of May.

The user requirement for using Pynetra is Streamify which is a product for gesture recognition that the company has actively developed and also launched in the early period of the year. The property involves making of the presentations by actual drawing or by pulling out the slides of thin air. According to Karthik, who is the country head of the ecosystem development, IBM, passion is one of the biggest ingredients that are seen in the students. In the similar pattern at an annual competition of annual global student technology contest by Microsoft Imagine Cup. It saw 4 engineers who were from Manav Rachna engineering college, based in Faridabad actually settle at the 1st place at the national final that was held in April at Noida. The product that was displayed was RespirON that can assist in making asthma patient’s life more easier by actually indicating the doses left in their inhaler. The assistance is done through an app which is embedded. Their team is known as Team Dexters and will now be participating in the International Finals that will be held in July at Seattle. With this efforts and competition, the students actually hope to have commercializing of their invention in the Indian market by the year 2015 May. 

Similarly, in an event different to these, various students from the second tier colleges were able to mark in the national’s finals of International Robocon. The competition is hosted by MIT, Pune every year