Ask a Tech Teacher reviews Nepris Industry Connections for Schools

June 13, 2016 - Ask a Tech Teacher, Jacqui Murray, recently reviewed the Nepris platform for bringing teachers and subject matter experts together in a virtual environment. (Read the review here)

Nepris is a community of teachers and professionals who want to collaborate with each other but haven’t been able to connect efficiently and effectively until now. Teachers can request a virtual session with professionals, researchers, experts and companies to bring abstract topics to life, to mentor students on projects or evaluate student work. Companies can easily engage their employees by offering mock interviews, virtual tours, and “meet the engineer”-like sessions focusing on STEM and the Arts.  Any number of classrooms can sign up easily to participate in these online interactive conversations.

Teachers can also choose from over 1,800 free archived sessions on topics from dressing successfully in work, to roller coaster design, to Arts in the workplace, to Shark Tank sessions on project design.

Nepris is now offering virtual field trips and interactive industry sessions where companies showcase their work place or give talks on specific topics that are important in the world of work. Teachers can sign up for these sessions at

About Nepris

Dallas-based Nepris gives companies, professionals and experts a way to reach out to and connect with classrooms while providing teachers a way to reach out to and connect with professionals. Through Nepris, classroom learning comes to life in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) and the Arts. The planning, connecting and meeting occurs online through the Nepris social community. Sessions range from interactive Q&As with working professionals, to virtual field trips, to project mentorships, to live Shark Tanks. See Nepris in action at or sign-up as a teacher or professional at

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