TORQ Cycle Announces Cycling-Focused Class for the Competitive Type

[CENTRAL, HONG KONG, January 23, 2014] – TORQ Cycle, the first private indoor cycling studio in Hong Kong, is offering cycling-focused classes for the competitive riders, called TORQ de HK.Riders’ performance will be displayed on a large screen, showing the rest of the class how they perform. They can also ride in teams to show off their RPM average and racing power.

Challenges the Body and Relaxes the Mind

TORQ de HK classes area refuge that tone and challenge the body while relaxing the mind. The instructors dim all the lights, so riders can tune out any distraction, let go of their hang-ups and concentrate on their ride. Choreographed by instructors, each session delivers the most rousing and effective fitness activities for all types of riders. Riders will also enjoy high-energy songs chosen by the in-house DJ to enhance their overall workout experience.

Tracks Performance and Sets Own Goals

The professional instructors will recommend appropriate resistance levels and RPMs riders should strive for each class. They can also consult the instructors regarding what they think suits their body. For new participants, the instructors will customise the bike and modify the RPM and resistance level.

Riders also have the choice to adjust the speed, resistance, RPM, and power, as well as track their progress online. They can access the stats for every ride on their private account on the website. The stats include resistance, speed, distance, RPM, power, and estimated calories burned. This allows riders to set their fitness goals and track their performance after each session.

Riders have the option to change up routines each month to keep their body guessing and get better results.

About TORQ Cycle

TORQ Cycle is the revolutionary indoor cycling studio in Hong Kong. TORQ is a high-energy, full-body cardio workout that includes cycling, Pilates, Muay Thai, boxing and yoga. By participating in one of the classes, riders will progressively improve their performance and transform their body. Whether they prefer a 30-minute high intensive interval training on the bike or a high-energy cycling infused with other activities, TORQ Cycle has them all covered.

Interested riders can visit for more information about the studio and classes offered.