Swedfone Designs New User-Friendly Website for Customers

Its celebration time for Swedfone yet again. With the growing number of customers, Swedfone has a new thing to boost upon. They have recently re-mastered their website and have introduced many new plans and offers for their customers. The new website gives a superior user experience while surfing for plans for business and private clients.

Business owners, who needs various types of subscriptions for their company, which includes a fixed line telephone connection that connects to every employee's desk for inter-office communication; then mobile telephone plans for their communications with their clients and much other; can access Swedfone's services which gives a integrated plans for custom prices depending on the requirement of the corporate industry.

Although, the amount of customer are decreasing, yet Swedfone take cares of those private home telephones, with their least cost plans for fixed line telephony. The new site has an entirely dedicated theme for private customers that includes single residents and families that use a low data plans for their mobiles and fixed lines.

Various Government officials also have analyzed the company and they have posted their concerns about the negative feedback they are getting. They have Rejta Swedfone and apologised for the company's name involving in fraud scams. Svenljunga, the official website of Sweden Municipality has given good betyg för Swedfone now. No wonder, the continuously growing network operator gets recognition from Sweden government also.