BPI Sports 1.M.R. – Muscle Building Supplement


Supplements play an important role in building muscles and lifting and energy levels. They usually contain proteins and branch chain amino acids which are important when it comes to repairing the muscles and building of muscles more quickly. A large number of people take help from them and gain the benefits if required in minimum possible time. It is worth adding here that food and meal also holds key importance when it comes to muscle building. Apart from muscle building, these supplements also lift your energy levels and boost the energy. In this article, we will be doing review of BPI Sports 1.M.R. which is one of the famous products by BPI Nutrition.

Product Information:

The BPI Sports 1.M.R is designed to make sure that you get quick muscular growth without suffering from crash and jitters. The formula of the supplement allows you to focus on your workout without any problem and you can perform intense training session for long hours with no fatigue or muscular breakdown. The supplement contains traces of N.O. which is meant for product muscle pumps in the body. The N.O. used in BPI Sports 1.M.R improves the flow of blood in the muscles in order to make sure that water and oxygen is supplied in sufficient amount. The product also has the capability to increase your endurance levels and reduction in recovery time after intense training session. If you are seriously interested in attaining a muscular toned body then you should consider using N.O. powered BPI Sports 1.M.R.

The BPI Sports 1.M.R also contains anti-oxidant called as carnosine which not only boost the immune system of your body but also contribute towards destroying the free radicals which are responsible for ageing process. This anti-oxidant helps you to live long and improve the activity in nerve cells and muscles. Another important ingredient of BPI Sports 1.M.R is L arginine which is a kind of amino acid. This amino acid is responsible for healing wounds, reducing the healing time of injuries and treating the erectile dysfunction. It also removes ammonia from the body and stimulates the immune system to perform stronger. It maintains the blood pressure to normal level while you are doing intense workout session. The best thing about the products by BPI is that they are made out of natural ingredients and hence there is zero chance of suffering from side effects. However, you need to take some precautions before using it.


The BPI Sports 1.M.R contains 28 servings in each container and you are advised to take one serving a day with either water or milk 15 minutes prior to going for workout session. Always take consultation and recommendation from your doctor before using the supplement. The product is intended to be used by those healthy individuals who are above the age of 18 and below 50. If you are interested in using the supplement then consult your physician. Avoid using the supplement if you are already on some kind of medication.