Wyoming Indian honors the leaders of tomorrow

Wyoming Indian High School's vision statement was honored today at the Class of 2016's Graduation: “Empowering students to become successful individuals and citizens who can adapt to living within two worlds; a constantly and rapidly changing world and one of cultural awareness and tradition."
The opening invocation for the 26 graduates was presented by elder Ula Tyler with a message to the class. “Follow your dream and follow your heart,” she said. “Never forget who you are.”
The motto for the Wyoming Indian Class of 2016 is: “Our lives are before us, our pasts are behind us, our memories are forever within us.”
Community speaker Jordan Dresser shared with the 2016 Wyoming Indian class the importance of life virtues. “Everyone has a story,” Jordan said. “Virtues lead us from hard times into the future.”
​With four important virtues in life, Dresser shared the importance of life stories. “The first is honesty,” Jordan said, “followed by having compassion for life, then being humble in all that you do. Always remember to be brave.”
"Don’t live life with any should of, would of, or could of holding you back," he said. "No one is perfect. We are all rare and special because of the blood that runs through our veins, because of our ancestors that have fought for us to be here.”
Today’s graduation filled the high school gymnasium with many families and friends to watch the future leaders honored with the hope of a bright future and many lessons learned along the way.