Upstate New York Modeling Company Builds Female Brands, Provides Content to Advertisers

Sun Out Studios is a company located in upstate New York that specializes in both hiring models for video and photo content, as well as providing modeling content for online marketing organizations. Beyond a mere modeling agency, Sun Out Studios, ìSOS,î also helps female models build brands and create an online presence that can be monetized via an array of different avenues.

Models contracted with Sun Out Studios have appeared on countless web sites and advertising platforms, and promote a wide range of products and services. Products include supplements, health and weight loss information, clothing, all the way to insurance policies, lawn care services, and quite a bit in between. Where ever there is a need for attractive women to help draw attention to a product or service, SOS models are often sought out and used to help garner that attention.

Sun Out Studios has a duel focus on both video footage and photos. Video content is often used to build advertising "gifs," short video excerpts, that are then displayed on web sites that draw the viewers attention to the movement of the model. Samples of this work are varied and entertaining, with a lot of unexpected and fun attention-grabbing visuals that SOS takes pride in producing.

"Often times the most unusual footage we produce is what offers the greatest advertising pull for our clients," Jim Anderson, a representative for SOS states.

"We have footage of one of our models simply arranging a towel on a park bench, for example. It was basically spare footage, but the model was in a pair of short shorts, a cute top, and both the physical appeal and somewhat candid footage of her doing something very ordinary was enough to grab peopleís attention. From that footage, a two second video gif was used by an insurance company, of all businesses, to obtain new clients. A lot of what we do has elements of the ordinary, but can also be unusual and even humorous; and in certain marketing efforts, each of those qualities can work really well."

SOS uses what a lot of people would consider somewhat "random" footage to accomplish other marketing goals, including video and photos of women simply shopping.

"There is a constant, on-going demand for attractive females in advertising, or in the promotion of even non-commercial enterprises that goes way beyond just trying to obtain new business," explains Mr. Anderson. "We take our work very seriously, but thank goodness, there's also a lot of entertainment value; in general, both men and women just enjoy looking at and watching attractive females. We supply a lot of footage to an online women's clothing retailer for example that is among the most ordinary footage ever, but certainly accomplishes the client's objectives."

Sun Out Studios has a website by the same name over at, and is always on the lookout for new models. They require all models to sign a contract for unlimited use of the video footage and photography obtained, and work on a sliding scale with all models depending on the type of modeling they choose to do, and their level of experience. In business for over ten years, be sure to check out their site and contact them for more information regarding modeling opportunities. And if you own a business and need images or video of beautiful women to help promote your product or service, contact them about the lease/sale policies of their advertising content.

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About Sun Out Studios
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