Franchise Funding Group Recognized as Top 20 Franchise Trend-Setter for 2015

Cincinnati, OH, January 30, 2015 -- Franchise Times Magazine, January 2015 edition, published their annual list of the "Top 20 Franchise Trend-Setters to Watch in 2015". This highly regarded franchising industry news source recently selected and presented their top 20 people, brands and trends they expect to make a significant impact on the franchising industry in 2015.

The Franchise Funding Group ( was honored to be recognized in the prestigious Top 20 list as an industry innovator, helping entrepreneurs launch their own national franchise systems.

The Cincinnati-based franchise funding business is actively looking to invest in proven and profitable businesses wanting to expand through a franchise model or to invest in small, emerging franchise systems (1-40 franchise units) that need additional firepower and resources to kick-start their growth and expansion.

President & Co-Founder, Daniel Murphy, stresses “We are not consultants; we are investors and strategic partners.  Unlike consultants, we don't charge upfront fees, far from that.  We provide up to $150,000 in funding, services, marketing, lead generation, training, mentoring, and assistance to the right businesses and entrepreneurs. We have real skin in the game and have a proven track record of developing nearly a dozen national franchise systems."

“Think of us like Shark Tank, without the wildly popular show, focusing solely on funding companies in the franchise industry, whether new or existing systems,” Murphy added. “With our money and expertise, we help turn good businesses into great franchise systems and transform business owners into effective franchisors. Best yet, each entrepreneur stays in control, makes the decisions, and owns 75% of the new franchise system."

The Franchise Funding Group will consider investing in all types of industries but is currently targeting service businesses that help their customers properly care for their: homes (interior and exterior), children, aging parents, pets, automobiles, and own health/well being. 

The Franchise Funding Group is led by an elite group of franchise industry leaders who have played strategic roles in the leadership of some of the world’s most successful franchise systems in the United States, including Sylvan Learning Centers, Sports Clips, PepsiCo and Pizza Hut to name a few. These Advisory Board members have also helped develop and launch numerous national franchise systems with their most recent six brands awarding well over 1,000 franchises worldwide. 

“We have been blessed with a 25-year track record of franchise success and fulfillment and now wish to give back to help others,” Murphy stated. “We’d like the Franchise Funding Group to improve lives and communities around the globe by being the vehicle to launch new businesses, create more jobs and opportunities, and serve more customers.”

Once selected, the Franchise Funding Group will own 25 percent of the new franchise system, earning 10 percent of franchise system revenues to recoup its initial investment and for on-going strategic guidance and support. The business owner will retain 100 percent ownership of the original business concept and locations and 75 percent of the new franchise system.

To be considered for partnership with the Franchise Funding Group, business owners must first complete a simple online application to begin the selection process. The website is at 

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 About the Franchise Funding Group:

The Franchise Funding Group is dedicated to being investors and strategic partners in developing new franchise systems as well as helping to rescue small, struggling franchise systems.  Our management team has developed, launched and managed dozens of businesses, including franchise systems recognized as No. 1 in their industry, producing thousands of franchises around the world. In short, we help turn good businesses into great franchise systems and transform business owners into effective and successful franchisors.