Off The Cuff Leather Announces Free Shipping

Finding a great gift for a loved one may not be that difficult, but finding the perfect gift is a different story. A special occasion requires a special touch, and although the world wide web is saturated with ideas, many of the available choices lack that personalized quality that make a present a gift of a lifetime. Off The Cuff Leather presents a unique, homemade solution with its one-of-a-kind leather jewelry and accessories, and from this company that has taken the leather cuff bracelet, as seen at , to a stylish new level, Off The Cuff Leather is proud to announce free shipping on all orders over $99.

Show off with an exquisite braided white leather cuff accented with gold pyramids, or make a statement with a rugged four-strand black leather cuff accented in silver. For an extra meaningful touch, the leather jewelry experts can create custom leather bracelets, as described at , for bridal parties, baby showers, birthdays, anniversaries, or any special occasion. Off The Cuff also carries an extensive inventory of leather belts, home decor, and custom gifts for dogs in a variety of colors and styles. From a stylish cuff to a cottage-style doorknocker or a premium leather dog leash to an engraved leather bracelet, visit

Off the Cuff Leather has the unique designs, easy online ordering, and now, free shipping, to make shopping for a special someone perfectly simple.

About Us:

Based in Southern California, Off the Cuff Leather specializes in custom leather jewelry and accessories. Designed by Becki May, Off The Cuff’s handmade pieces include an extensive selection of leather cuffs, doorknockers, dog collars and dog leashes.

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Off the Cuff Leather
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