ASDA Money's Top Tips for Firework Safety

Bonfires can be fun and a great way to bring friends and family together.  It should be an enjoyable evening with the sight of fireworks being an exhilarating feature.

We don’t mean to put a damper on things as accidents can occur in any circumstance but many people have been injured due to carelessness with fireworks.

By following the tips below you’ll stay safe and fully enjoy your evening.

·         Think ahead, to make your display safe and fun, and allow yourself enough time to plan all aspects in detail.

·         All fireworks should be kept in an enclosed box even if they’re in use.  Use one at a time and keep the box closed.

·         Even if you’re familiar with handling fireworks, always remember to read the instructions before you attempt to use them.  Instructions on fireworks can illegible, due to small print; use a torch if you have to.

·         Unless you’re ready to set off your fireworks, keep all flames, including cigarettes away.

·         When lighting the firework, do it at arm’s length and light with a taper.  Remember to stand well back.

·         As annoying and disappointing it can be when a firework doesn’t go off, for your own safety don’t go back and try and light it.

·         Never discard fireworks in the normal way i.e. casually throw them in the bin. Contact your local authority for advice on how to safely dispose of fireworks.

·          Make sure fireworks are aiming away from all those present.

·         Paraffin and petrol should never used on a bonfire.

·         Before leaving ensure that the fire is completely out and surroundings are all made safe.

Before hosting a fireworks party at home, ensure that you have the appropriate insurance cover in place.

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