Gwen Beloti Collection Infuses Monthly Men's Style Feature by Guest Authors in its Blog Platform

NEW YORK, NY, April 22, 2014-- Gwen Beloti Collection, a womenswer contemporary line of apparel as a result of its soft spot for menswear has infused a monthly Men’s Style feature in its blog platform.  Each Men’s Style post on the Gwen Beloti blog will be written by guest authors who are everyday males with an innate sense of fashion and appreciation for style that they’re happy to share with those who’d appreciate it and will quite possibly get something out of it.

Over the past few years street style has managed to substitute the runway during the non-fashion week periods throughout the year.  Not to suggest that the street style craze isn’t crazy (in a good way) even during fashion week.  Fashionistas of all walks are recognized for their unique wears and how they put together what they put together.  With the plethora of bloggers and photographers all over the city streets how great it is we get to capture, visualize and analyze great and unique everyday fashion.

Luckily said fashionistas are both women and men.  Gwen Beloti Collection a womenswear brand  which loves everything fashion, style and the like for both women and men but caters to women’s fashion through its collection of dresses, skirts and the like, has a sweet spot for menswear.  As such, the brand has invited guest men’s style authors to write for the blog monthly.  Gwen Beloti is happy to announce that it has featured the first Men’s Style article by a guest author this month.  These authors are real people and fashionistas in their own right sharing their personal sense of style, inspiration, and offering tips and advice as a takeaway for readers. 

The brand featured a NYC Tri-State area event planner as the guest author of its April feature. The author offered tips to readers including the importance of being yourself, identifying your own style and what works for you, and most importantly owning it.  The author channeled his own style experiences and inspirations to deliver a visual and narrative representation of ‘Men’s Style thru His Lens’.

Though Gwen Beloti caters mainly to women as it is a womenswear line, the brand firmly believes that all fashionistas be it male or female have an overall appreciation for style regardless of gender and are inspired by one another.

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About Gwen Beloti Collection

Feminine, chic, fun, cool... Gwen Beloti is best known for providing the eternally-evolving modern woman with a collection to complement her individual sense of style. Signatures of the designer, who launched in 2008, include unconventional color combinations, flattering silhouettes, and a timeless sophistication that easily translates from day to night.

Today Gwen Beloti is on its way to becoming a global lifestyle brand that will expand its offering from apparel to include handbags and accessories. The brand has a loyal customer base and has been featured in numerous blogs and publications. Gwen Beloti has also been recognized for her philanthropic efforts which include Fashionably Smart, Literally, Prom Dress to Impress, and Little Dresses for Africa. All which support her brands mission in supporting the growth and empowerment of young women across the world.