Foley Catheter Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size and Forecast between year 2015 to 2019

A Foley catheter, also called an indwelling catheter, is inserted into the bladder to drain urine. It comprises a balloon that holds the catheter in the bladder at one end. The balloon is filled with sterile water to prevent the catheter from being removed from the bladder. The urine is drained through the catheter tube into a collection bag. Foley catheters are used for extended periods of time, such as for weeks or a month. These catheters are used after urological surgeries to help patients urinate with ease, in conditions such as nerve-related bladder dysfunction prostate hypertrophy, prostate cancer, and narrowing of the urethra.

Scope of this Report:

This report covers the present scenario and the growth prospect of the Global Foley Catheters market for the period 2015-2019. To calculate the market size, the report considers the following segments on the basis of the type of product:

2- way Foley catheters
3-way Foley catheters
4-way Foley catheters

The report considers the sales of foley catheters as individual products and in the form of kits or tray. It also presents the vendor landscape and a corresponding detailed analysis of the top four vendors in the Foley Catheters market. In addition, the report discusses the major drivers that influence the growth of the market. It also outlines the challenges faced by vendors and the market at large, as well as the key trends that are emerging in the market.

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Global Market Outlook for Foley Catheters:

The presence of alternative treatments for urinary incontinence in one of the reasons for the slow growth rate of this market. Fixer-occluder devices for incontinence, urethral plugs, vaginal slings, and absorbent pads or underwear help incontinent patients, and medications such as fesoterodine are more accepted by the population. The potential risks associated with the use of foley catheters also hinder the growth of this market to an extent.

Despite the challenges, the Foley Catheter market is projected to grow at a CAGR of close to 3 percent over the forecast period. The report discusses the main drivers along with the challenges and trends of this market.

As of 2014, the Global Foley market is primarily dominated by 2-way catheters because of their relatively low price, reusability, and mass acceptance of these catheters in hospitals and outpatient settings. 4-way Foley catheters accounted for a minimal share of the market but has an enormous opportunity to grow over the forecast period owing to the minimum risk of CAUTI in male patients with an enlarged prostate. However, the growth of the global market is expected to be limited because the presence of potential substitutes for Foley catheters, complications associated with them and premium pricing of antimicrobial Foley catheters.

Geographical Segmentation by Regions and Countries (Market Shares and Sizes Included):


Key Leading Countries:

United States
United Kingdom

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Vendor Landscape of the Foley Catheters Market (Market Shares Included):

C.R. Bard
Cook Medical
Teleflex Medical

Other Prominent Vendors:

Apexmed International, Asid Bonz, Coloplast, ConvaTec, Dynarex, LeoMed, Poiesis Medical, SISCO Latex, and Utah Medical Products.

Other Sections Include an Analysis on the Following:

Top three Drivers and its Impact on the Foley Catheters Market
Top three Challenges and its Impact on the Foley Catheters Market
Top three Trends and its Impact on the Foley Catheters Market
Five Forces Analysis of Foley Catheters Market
SWOT Analysis of Key Vendors of Foley Catheters Market
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