Improved Texture Coating Services from Barker-Whittle

Barker-Whittle, one of the go-to painting companies in Perth, improves their texture coating services as part of their commitment to provide clients with nothing but top-of-the-line painting solutions.

[PERTH, MAY 28, 2014]—Barker-Whittle, one of the most trusted painting contractors in Perth, offers improved texture coating services. The said improvement is part of the company’s commitment to provide top services and live up to the standards of the clients. Their services have been recognized by different award-giving bodies, including the Master Painters of the Year Awards for Excellence.

The Improved Service

The texture coating service from Barker-Whittle was recognised at the 2011 Master Painters of the Year Awards for Excellence. The company won first, second, and third prizes out of 12 entries in the Texture Coating Category. This victory has pushed Barker-Whittle to make their services better and make sure that they’re only providing top-of-the-line services.

The company’s texture coating services have covered the loopholes of similar services from other companies. They improve their methodologies when it comes to using Dulux Acratex roll-on, spray-on, and trowel-on textures. They apply textures to different types of substrates, such as cement render, Harditex, and polystyrene. Barker-Whittle applies their techniques when working with some of the leading builders in Perth, such as Brian Burke Homes and A. Di Bucci and Son.

As the company is Dulux Accredited, Barker-Whittle is authorised to issue the clients with a written 5-year Dulux workmanship warranty and a 5 or 7-year product warranty. The company’s employees also hold Safety Awareness Cards.

About Barker-Whittle

Barker-Whittle is one of the leading painting contractors in Perth. The company is established by Peter Barker who thought of building the company to continue the heritage of his family. Since its founding in 1986, the company has been providing services to residential and commercial properties. The company has a team of experienced and qualified painters and experts willing to take on a range of painting jobs. Barker-Whittle has maintained a set of special protocols and procedures to maintain consistency, quality, and customer satisfaction. It has won the respect of peers and award-giving bodies in the industry.

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