Jones Law Group Super Lawyers in Tennessee

Jones Law Group criminal defense and bankruptcy attorneys Nashville TN are your trusted partners who have catered to more than 4,000 people with bankruptcy cases focusing on small business bankruptcy, business litigation and legal needs in Nashville Tennessee. Lynda Jones is only one of the company’s qualified, sympathetic, and steadfast attorneys who have fruitfully guided thousands of families and business owners to a better life after bankruptcy.


The number of bankruptcy and divorce cases seem to continuously and radically increase. Financial problems are commonly the foremost cause of divorces these days. Debts sustained from marriage are carried on even after a divorce along with the stress and liability divided and accentuated in divorce agreements. After divorce, child and spousal support, alimony or domestic support obligations are not dismissed during bankruptcy. Therefore most couples tend to work on bankruptcy first before divorce.


Jones Law group is there to assist with whatever financial issues you’re facing. Constantly having to call creditors when you have a filing is tough. It is therefore vital to hire a legal representative to support and protect your rights. Their lawyers will assist you throughout the process when it comes to completing eligibility requirements, filing a petition and all the paperwork for the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, and in some cases, court representation.


Before initiating any confusing paperwork, it is best to get a consultation for help when petitioning in court. Their offices are dedicated in providing and supporting all clients to adjust with each individual’s hectic schedule. Initial consultation is scheduled free to help clients get started with financial independence. For clients constantly harassed by creditors who are victims of recession, who are jobless and in debt, behind in paying off mortgages and car payments, Jones Law Group attorneys are there to help you.


Many people today are faced with foreclosure, unemployed, and late in paying for mortgages and they are desperate for legal advice. Federal bankruptcy protection can provide for debt relief solutions. If you or someone you know has received a notice for foreclosure, the first step is to contact an attorney. Proceedings may be stopped by filing for bankruptcy before the house is sold at auction. Their lawyers understand what you are going through and the endeavors faced in investing on a home and they can help you save it if immediate action is taken. As stated earlier, mortgage debt cannot be discharged and must be paid for. However, other debts can be dismissed and they can help you reorganize and devise a payment plan giving you more time for catching up on back payments.


Accidents are unavoidable and sometimes it may not always be your fault. There are legal aspects that can be considered from personal injury but facing this alone can be tough and stressful. Dealing with insurance companies can be aggravating and it is always advised not to sign any medical authorizations provided which may possibly be used against you to claim historical or previous medical information to avoid any claims and compensation. Jones Law Group has the extensive knowledge and experience to help you get through any personal injury case.