Wexford University offers Doctoral Degree in Applied Sport Psychology

The University offers open enrollment for its Doctoral Degree in Applied Sport Psychology

California 22nd January 2014: Wexford University offers continuous open enrollment for its Doctoral Degree in Applied Sport Psychology. The University offers the students a unique opportunity to complete their degree much sooner than a conventional degree program. Continuous open enrollment program entails that students can now apply and commence their degree, continuing education courses or the trainer certification program immediately. The University announced that this open enrollment for its online doctoral degree in sports psychology will be available from 17th February 2014. 

Wexford University has designed the coursework for this EdD degree to equip students with a wide range of knowledge in coaching principles, counseling methods, group dynamics, mental toughness, linguistics for coaching success and team work. The online doctoral program enables the students to expand their theoretical and applied knowledge beyond the horizons of Masters degree level. A dedicated team of faculty and trainers with immense experience in sport psychology, sports performance and personal development shall ensure that the application of theory to professional practice is imparted effectively. The highly supportive and student centered environment will be conducive to learn practice and business building skills for career success in the pursuit of application of psychology and coaching to athletic performance. 

Wexford University assures a highly rewarding career for those who are determined to convert their passion into a profession in sport and fitness performance through their online doctoral degree in sport psychology. Although this degree program is not intended to prepare a student for state or national licensing as a clinical psychologist or mental health professional this doctoral degree program however offers its graduates a wide range of opportunities in coaching, administration, counseling, consulting or entrepreneurship. Also the corporate world, nonprofit organizations, sports performance clinics and fitness organizations as well as government agencies offer ample career opportunities.

Some of the courses in the doctoral degree in sports psychology offered by Wexford University include: Sport Psychology in Practice, Social Psychology of Healing and Fitness: Cognitive Emotional Re-Alignment, Advanced Applied Sport Psychology, Leadership: Creating, Modeling and Producing Excellence, Precision Communication: Language of Influence for Successful Mediation and Negotiation.

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Wexford University provides students with leading edge practical knowledge and skills that set them apart from others. The University degree programs prepare graduates for highly successful careers in the fields of health, nutrition, fitness and sports psychology. The University has announced the commencement of its online doctoral degree in sports psychology.

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