The Glendora Body Weight Fitness is a fitness studio in Glendora  that offers fitness classes and Boot Camp Style with exercises based on Body weight. It is a compilation of Martial arts workout, yoga and Ginastica Natural. All levels are welcome. The Fat Furnace Fitness program runs for a period of 14 days to help people build muscles and lose weight very fast.

The effective and unique fitness program offer guidance on how to build muscles, lose weight and improve one's health in the right way. The energetic yet fierce fitness program features wrestling, karate, taekwondo, tai chi, Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai. It utilizes techniques not known to many people to facilitate weight loss and the attainment of fitness levels of the highest order.

With the fitness program, it is not just a matter of developing lean muscles and losing weight to gain a perfect body shape, but also developing a healthy lifestyle. The adopted lifestyle must be maintained for people to enjoy lasting benefits. The fitness program helps people learn and develop the self discipline and control needed to maintain the lost weight and built muscles together with the attained healthy lifestyle.

In order to burn fat off the body, the Fat Furnace program does not just integrate work outs and manipulates eating habits (not diets), but is very intensive with high yet short burst fitness techniques. There are several benefits of being physically fit, making the 14 day fat furnace fitness program perfect for the many people who are struggling with weight issues.

Improved metabolism, ripped body shape and development of healthy habits are some benefits of the fitness program. As a result of improved body metabolism, the body is turned into a furnace of burning fats in order to benefit from enhanced body shape achieved in only 14 days, improved feelings, image and confidence, restoration of se x appeal and the ability to enjoy one's favorite foods without worrying about weight gain.

Improved endurance and strength, higher fitness levels, leaner body muscles, 6 pack abs, improved self esteem and confidence and better looks are some benefits realized toward attaining a ripped body. Some of the health benefits of the fitness program include improved immune system, elimination of the risks brought about by overweight, pressure free bones and joints, a healthy cardiovascular system and increased lifetime, among others.

According to the school's website, "Anyone should be able to benefit from a fitness regime. We will guide you by the hand, avoiding you from failing again on your fitness goals."

About Glendora Body Weight Fitness

Glendora Body Weight Fitness is located at 919 e. Route 66 Glendora -California. It is part of the Sampa Brazilian Jiu Jutsi School of Martial Arts that was started and is run by Renato Migliaccio who is a martial Artist and BJJ Instructor.

Contact Information:

Name: Glendora Body Weight Fitness

Telephone: 626-335-4971

Address: 919 e. Route 66 Glendora -California