Streamlining Workflow While Eliminating Paper Waste

Reducing the amount of paper involved in your company’s daily workflow provides many benefits, not only to the environment but also to your pockets.

The first and most obvious benefit of a “paper free” office is the savings that come from not having to buy multiple reams of paper. All of this paper gets fed into printers and copiers only to be, for the most part, discarded after read only once or twice. Also keep in mind the costs of printing related materials such as ink, toner and printer maintenance fees.

Secondly, the less paper your office uses will reciprocate a drastically lower negative impact on our environment. It’s appalling to think of how many trees are cut down and how much carbon is released into the atmosphere simply for documents to be printed and discarded. This process could just as easily be done electronically, such as sharing digital files through email and discarding them into the recycle bin of cyberspace – not into our landfills.

Finally, eliminating paper waste and turning to paperless office software will dramatically increase the efficiency and accuracy of the work being done in your office. How can turning to document organizer software change the fundamental productivity of a workplace? The answer to that requires several points itself!

When considering the workflow of a single paper document, many problems rise to the surface. Multiple copies of that document may be printed and distributed around your office or to clients. However, as each worker makes changes or adds notes to their copy, those edits remain entirely inaccessible to the others concerned with the project until the physical paperwork is shared. Then, the edits are incorporated, and new copies are printed and distributed to start the process all over again. With an electronic filing cabinet system, anyone concerned with given documents can access the same file from anywhere at any time. Users can then make changes directly onto that electronic document which can be seen by everyone involved, allowing for a more streamlined collaboration on shared projects.

Document archiving software also ensures that no work is ever lost. A piece of paper (or a 200-page legal brief) can easily be damaged, destroyed, or lost, never to be recovered again. An electronic document saved using secure document management software can be backed up in multiple locations. This provides a great ease of mind as documents are more safe and secure than when held within a storage room. Beneficial, these documents are also easily accessible by anyone granted with user based permissions.

An extremely important factor, taking an office paperless with electronic content management software ultimately increases the efficiency of business processes. An office using document filing software is an office where things get done quickly. Not only can projects and documents be rapidly shared among coworkers, but they can even be worked on together in virtual meeting spaces. Ditching the paper processes means a better connected office, not only in terms of document access, but in terms of person-to-person connectivity as well. When you don’t need to worry about rearranging travel schedules to fit everyone in one room, there is more opportunity to get tasks done. With document management software, your company can be more proactive and efficient while saving money along the way.


Square 9 Softworks is a company committed to reducing paper waste while streamlining workplace efficiency. Based out of New Haven, CT, Square 9 delivers innovative and customizable solutions for clients across the U.S. and abroad. Their flagship product, SmartSearch, is an award-winning electronic document management software leading the industry in document management solutions. For more information, please visit