Recent Report on Global Automotive Hydro-mechanical Variable Transmission System Market, 2016-2020

Report : Global Automotive Hydro-mechanical Variable Transmission System Market 2016-2020 is a new market research publication announced by Reportstack.

Report Outline: Transmission represents a key function of powertrains in automotive vehicles. A vehicle's transmission is a type of gearbox that directs the power generated from an internal combustion engine to the wheel axle. Typically, an automotive transmission system includes the entire drivetrain, which comprises components such as a gearbox, clutch, prop shaft, drive shafts, and differentials, among others. Different types of transmission systems used in vehicles include manual transmission, HVT, automatic transmission, CVT, and DCT.

For detailed report with TOC, please click here ​Global Automotive Hydro-mechanical Variable Transmission System Market 2016-2020.

Market Growth: The global automotive hydro-mechanical variable transmission system market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 66.95% during the period 2016-2020.

Key Vendors:

  •  Kinetics Drive Solutions
  • Bosch Rexroth St. Jude Medical
  • Regions Covered:

  •  Americas
  • APAC
  • Europe
  • Companies Mentioned

    Kinetics Drive Solutions and Bosch Rexroth.


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