8 Tips to Enhance Eyelashes

One of the many signs of beauty is long and healthy eyelashes. Your eyelashes outline your eyes; protecting them against dust and making your eyes look beautiful. While eyelashes are generally associated with a feminine look, most men have shinier and healthier eyelashes than women.  Some women, to make their eyelashes healthier, then go through various phases of treatments or surgeries. For example, women often use fake eyelashes to make their eyelashes look longer.

There are several other tricks people follow to make their eyelashes attractive. A common misconception is that if you trim your eyelashes, they will grow faster. This is absolutely wrong. The growth cycle of eyelashes is not the same as that of the hair on our scalp. If your eyelash hairs fall off, then they will need several weeks to regrow.

This article serves to give you eight tips that you can follow to make your eyelashes look beautiful naturally. The tips are described below.

It is important to avoid using cosmetics for your eyes as much as possible. If it is extremely necessary, then opt for branded products for your eyes. Whether it is eyeliner or mascara, never choose cheap items for your eyes. The ingredients of cheaper products are doubtful and therefore, harmful for your eyelashes as well as your sight. Meanwhile, the branded products, though expensive, are made of quality assured ingredients. The expense is well worth it given it avoids damage to your natural beauty.

To make your eyelashes stronger from the roots, you can try strengthening solution. This serum will add volume to your eyelashes and make them fluffier. Before applying mascara, use this serum. This eyelash enhancer is a better remedy than using fake eyelashes.

If you are wearing any cosmetics, then make sure that you do not wear them for long, especially mascara. You must wash and reapply if necessary, but wearing
mascara all day long harms your eyelashes; they become brittle and break.     

Fake eyelashes are very popular, but it is never smart to use them. Fake eyelashes are applied to your natural lashes with glue. When you remove them, the natural eyelashes break off because of the glue. So, only use fake eyelashes if absolutely necessary for an occasion, even then, have a professional apply and remove them carefully. This will minimize damage to your eyelashes.

When removing makeup from your eyes, use a mild remover. Harsher removers have strong chemicals that may damage your eyes and eyelashes. Your eyelashes may become dry over time and break off. This gives an unhealthy look. Scanty eyelashes are harmful for the eyes as well, since they cannot effectively protect your eyes.

A lot of people have a habit of rubbing their eyes. This habit damages the eyelashes; they fall off. The volume of your eyelashes will decrease over time. The only thing you can do in this case is break the habit. Don't rub your eyes even while removing makeup.

If you are one of those people who wear mascara all day long, every day, then you can try to skip the cosmetic. Using mascara daily will damage your natural eyelashes, so you can just skip it some days and go natural.

These are just a few tips that you can follow to ascertain the health of your eyelashes, with no side effects, whatsoever. Another tip you can follow is use olive oil. Apply few drops to your upper eyelid and gently rub to cover the entire lid. Make sure that it doesn't enter the eyes. Your eyelashes will grow shinier and healthier.

In conclusion I can say that it is never advisable to "fake" your beauty. Natural beauty is absolutely pure, something you are born with. It is better to sustain that beauty instead of opting for unnatural methods like surgery, or using fake eyelashes. Surgery is just a waste of your time and money; not to mention the pain and side effects that follow. Follow just these simple tips to make your eyelashes longer. If you think that you can't afford branded products for eyes then go without cosmetics. As I mentioned previously, flaunt and sustain your natural beauty. Don't ruin it with cheap products, only to regret later.